Hoar Frost, Romance, and Building Friendships at Skalitude in Methow Valley.

This morning we woke up to an enchanting Hoar Frost engulfing Methow Valley, glistening as far as we could see.

Tim and I, along with our 2.5 year old, Ellie, are here to indulge in scenic cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. We’re staying for the third time at Skalitude, a comfortably rustic cabin in Carlton. The owners are Lindsey and Will, who have 160 acres surrounded on four sides by NFS lands. They groom trails on their property, and often on the adjacent land. This is winter wonderland at its best.

Unlike the truly rustic (but also wonderfully beautiful) Rendezvous hut to hut ski system, Skalitude is barely rustic, and thoughtfully Green. The bamboo floors are heated, and all electricity is from solar panels. While the room and oven heat is from wood, Lindsey and crew take care of stocking the wood, including for the wood-burning sauna. Oooh Ahhh.

Skalitude cabin and sauna



To top off the feeling of (better-than) home, Dogs are welcome!!!


Peace Full



Today we’ll be joined by two other families we’ve been getting to know over the past year plus. We all met in Sarah Nishioka’s Music Together class. (Ellie still loves it after nearly two years!) Sarah teaches both at the PNA and Music Center of the Northwest. Both programs are great.

While initially we were terribly disappointed when both couples had to miss the first night, all happens for a reason. I sure do love my husband!

We’ll keep coming back, with or without our dogs, friends, kids, and/or snow. This is a special place.

And yes, Skalitude welcomes weddings.

Music Together Gang



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