Valentine Pound Puppy Lifts and Breaks my Heart.

Fstop comes home

My dog and I met on Valentines Day in 1993. Subliminally perhaps I knew it was V- Day when I entered the Seattle Animal Shelter.

It was love at first site. This scruffy 5 month-old puppy peered through the bars, following my every move. Once I looked into those big brown, intelligent, encouraging eyes, my heart thumped, and my head spun. I knew that this was the last of my visits to the shelters. Today I had found my dog, and she me. After the neutering, (hers, not mine!) we went home and spent 13+ years together, cross-country skiing, hiking, traveling, going on photo shoots (she had a pack in which she carried film and a lens or two), and going daily to the studio together.

In August ’06, Tim and I wept together as we put F-stop down. She could barely walk to relieve herself. At this moment, 6 months later, I cry huge tears for the dog who was my perfect canine companion: spunky, clever, loving, strong, calm indoors and playful outdoors.

As we tell our daughter, Ellie, F-stop is in the Earth. We can visit with her anytime, anywhere. How grateful I am that she stepped here, into my heart.

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  • Todd Kim - hey janet, lovely blog. i like the theme template u used. im testing this comment section for ya. I dont know why but the mail portion of the comment section is completely yellow so i cant see what im typing…ReplyCancel

  • JanetKlinger - Thanks for the heads up. Jane, the html wizard, seems to have fixed the problem. Better than a partner, better than a wife: Jane!
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  • Laura - sweet words about “F”., who was indeed a perfect dog in everyway. I am only just beginning to understand blogs, computers, etc. Anyway, I enjoyed reading it, and will read others bit by bit. There’s a lot out there. Tchuss.ReplyCancel

  • Christopher Lovi - Janet,

    I love the blog. It seems that you’ll be able to make more immediate updates to what is happening in your life. Which seems to be quite a bit. That is great!!

    All the best, from Kimchi and a fellow Rat In TrainingReplyCancel