What to Look For in a Wedding Photographer Part 1: Photographic Personality

Photographers take care of their clients; at times overtly, other times quietly. Contributing to the fun and positive energy of the day keeps everyone inspired, yet it is an equally important skill to smoothly flow from outgoing to invisibility. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with a confident creative photographer who can playfully encourage you while creating works of art, or if you prefer she be a fly on the wall documenting the day unfolding. I wonder why you would choose less than a balanced coverage of both!

Does your photographer want to be your best friend and a guest at your wedding? Is that what YOU want? Granted I have become excellent friends with clients; going away on trips, boating, skiing, swapping babysitting. But I act on the assumption that Brides and Grooms want to socialize with their invited guests during the reception, not their photographer. Having said that, I’ve been surprised to be toasted by the Bride and Groom, publicly thanked, and invited to the post-wedding party. Still, becoming friends with clients is a gift, not an expectation. The expectation is that clients love the photography!

If you listen to your instincts when choosing a photographer, THIS relationship will blossom too!

OK, I guess I should mention this first bouquet shot is in the Spring issue of Seattle Bride. Flowers created by the ever talented John Gardner at Aria Floral. So is the welcome wreath towards the middle of this post.

Aria Floral Bridesmaids Bouquets
To help illustrate the details, I “snapped” these flowers during portraits.

A completely candid toast shot. Or is it a ring shot?

Moments ago married, this fly on the wall captured B&G sharing their new rings.

If you thought about it, I’ll capture it.

During the casual formals the B&G take a “private” moment. Is it or isn’t it posed?

Aria Floral Welcome Wreath
Adding the details to your album help create visual texture and ambiance. If you had colorful flowers surrounding your environment, color would be sorely missed if not in the album.

This B&G may have felt alone, but there were probably 50 people enjoying this kiss! Captured.




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