Winter Scents at the Washington Park Arboretum

I love being outside. My two year old and I share an interest in nature, and plants especially.

While most of my clients don’t want to go to the arboretum this time of year, this is my favorite time. Not only are the textures layered in a contrast of velvet and gloss, the scents are Divine! If you haven’t smelled the Daphne Odora, Witch Hazel, or Jasmine this time of year, get to the Washington Arboretum‘s Winter Garden. Inhale deeply and forget your worries. Inhaling, I think of my late mother who was always either filling her lungs with garden scents, or sighing in despair that she couldn’t spend all of her time outside. The woes (and thrills) of a garden addict run in our blood!

Ellie at base of old tree, washington park arboretum

Ellie climbs base of old tree, washington park arboretum

Ellie among Witchhazel hellebores,  washington park arboretum

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  • Marieke - I too have been catching whiffs of Daphne odora lately but I’ve never been to the Winter Garden. Thanks for the lead!ReplyCancel

  • JanetKlinger - We should take our kids together! There are lovely, easy walks for little ones. Would Friday around 10 work for you?ReplyCancel

  • jandra - Well, I had to go to your website to see a fairly current photo of Ellie.

    You and your work are awesome.ReplyCancel

  • JanetKlinger - Jandra, Thanks for visiting. When swimming a couple of Saturdays ago, I thought of you. Ballard High school didn’t have access to their usual pool so they somehow squeezed in with us “usuals”. We had 13 people in our lane. Reminded me of swimming tip to toe with you and all our swim team gals. How’s the weather in Chicago?ReplyCancel