Baby Photography Success, Not Stress

Preparing for a photo session pays off. No tears for baby, no tears for you.
It can be stressful asking your child to leave the house at an unusual time, to alter bath time, nap time, meal time. Highly recommended is scheduling your sessions around these known times IF your session is AWAY from home. (More later on in-home sessions.) When possible, try to prepare all clothing, props and even snacks one or two days before the session. Keep your session day as “normal” as possible. If you dream of happy baby photography, take care of yourself and Baby with a little advanced planning. Raise your milk cups and sip to success!

NOTE: If you don’t manage to plan, it’s completely understandable. You are a Parent!!! Great photos are still likely. I really want you to love the whole experience, not just the photos!


Even with great pre-planning, baby may need a minute to become comfy with the environment. Apprehension sure is cute!

Warming up!



Now we’re best of friends!

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