Hosting Photographers Share– Awesome.

Last night my studio hosted a gathering of NW photographers. Kudos to the group of generous souls so open to sharing and caring. I stopped counting heads at 22 people, but overall the feeling was of cozy, intimate and enthusiastic camaraderie.

Janet KlingerJeff LaPlante, Nancy Cassell, Joann Arruda, Susie Hamidi, Sharlane Chase
Left to right: Jeff LaPlante, Nancy Cassell, Joann Arruda, Susie Hamidi, Sharlane Chase.

OK. First I have to mention two “single and looking” BABE’S at our gathering. (When I said I’d post this, no one protested!)
Sharlane Chase, adorable in personality and looks, not to mention highly talented, is somehow still available. Under different circumstances, sexual orientation being one of them, I’d jump at the chance to date Sharlane. Get with it fellas! A chance to meet Sharlane Chase would be at Urban Unveiled, a party for brides and their entourage. March 8th at the Palace Ballroom.
Also available is the smart and savvy Stephanie Hicks. Talk about a sales dynamo! She’s really cute too! She also happens to be the NW Art Leather rep, among many, many other things.

Here are but a few of the upcoming events, products, and services shared.

Both Kevin Kubota and Gary Fong had numerous fans at this event. I strongly praised Kevin Kubota’s workshops, and the Asuka albums he reps.
Sharlane plugged Gary Fong‘s Lightsphere. Many of us agree that the quality of the on-camera light is greatly enhanced by the various domes designed by Gary.
Jeff LaPlante has a few two-for-one tickets up for grabs to the upcoming WPPI convention. (If you go, tell Claudia Kronenberg that Janet Klinger says “Hi”. She’s my long-time friend from my RIT and Europe days. It’s an understatement to say Claudia is a dynamic person. She will undoubtedly deliver an energetic and heart-felt presentation.)
Mike Nakamura brought some dramatic, touching postcards promoting Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a national organization that unites volunteer photographers with families of dying children. Photographers are always needed for this.

Our Seattle based bereavement photography group, Souluminations has a meeting of volunteer photographers on March 22. For those of us going, care to join me for a drink afterward? Perhaps we could go to the hip & urban, yet adorable Oliver’s Twist, my favorite new nibbly and cocktail spot on Phinney Ridge.

White House Custom Color Lab in Minnesota got a rave from Sharlane Chase and several others. They offer great printed press cards, delivery w/in 3 days, b&w with linen finish. Several agreed with the amazing quality, specifically for the b&w.

Jeff LaPlante’s consulting services have gone public. I personally can vouch for his knowledgeable, personable approach, and immense patience. Jeff’s a good guy to have on your team!

Susie Hamidi praised the very helpful Alex Studio who helps other photogs process their Raw and jpg files, color correcting, retouching and backing up to DVDs and hard drives. Sharlane enthusiastically agrees. The charge: $0.18/image.

Joann Arruda was singing the praises of Pink Penny Design who helped her create a truly stunning Queensberry Album. I was agape at the quality of the images (naturally, since Joann is the photographer!), the design, and of course the album itself. They’ve designed for the savvy, super-shooter/business dude, David Jay too, and have a great sample of his work. Talk about community– Visit David Jay’s OpenSource Photo.

Christopher of Kirkland is part of the Canon 5D Club. New members welcome. Projection is Christoper’s preferred method of proofing. If you really want to know how to sell those Fine Art Wall Portraits with ease, check out the notorious Wall Portrait Conference in Yakima. Christopher has info on purchasing discounted projectors in Portland, helpful if not imperative for selling these large prints.

Stephanie Hicks uses Studio Master Pro for slideshow presentations. Many labs and Art Leather provide the software at no charge to clients.
Thanks to Kara Lathrop for taking great notes, not to mention battling snow and baby-sitting juggling to drive from Bellingham with hubby, Andrew.

My Flu-ridden toddler needs my attention, so I’m afraid I won’t get to the rest of the event. Next time, come on by yourself! If interested in joining future events drop a “comment” with your website and/or blog, and your business name. We’ll see you then…

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  • Nancy Cassell - Thank you, Janet, for hosting the get together. What a great group of people! It was amazing to see how differently everyone manages their creative process, as well as the post-production work.

    Thanks to Sharlane for offering all of us entry to Urban Unveiled. I’m keeping my eyes open for a good guy (for her!)

    I hope your daughter is feeling better. To cheer you up, I will give you words from my daughter. She has her first loose tooth. While wiggling it, she says, “It is like a door for my finger!”

    Keep the door open.ReplyCancel

  • Nina - I just wanted to drop you a note expressing my appreciation for your encouragement to attend the gathering on March 1st. I feel like I should have paid admission, I came away with so much information! Thank you Janet, and all, for such generous sharing of information!ReplyCancel

  • Janet - I’ll be hosting the next PUG at my studio on the 29th. Same time, same place. Let me know if you want to come. You don’t need to be members. Hope to see you.ReplyCancel

  • Bret Percival - That was a great event last month! I love the blog….

    Bret PercivalReplyCancel