Rain Rain Go Away, But not ye old faithful Canon Camera and Lenses

Every photographer or hobbiest who buys new camera gear makes a decision. What to do with the old and replaced. I use these retired old Canon bodies and lenses on days like today. Heavy misting rain along with blustering winds makes keeping a camera dry impossible. Putting the camera and lens in a plastic bag with a hole cut out for the lens helps. I don’t want to be afraid to shoot on sandy beaches, on dirty, dusty trails, on canoe trips, or in our ever-present rain. The next time someone asks why some of my gear looks like it gone through the ringer, well…

Expressiveness isn’t limited to smiles.

Ellie Explorer.

Just checking in!

Soaked and smiling! Love that girl!!!

This old Canon 70-200 lens and 20D still capture sharp, vibrant color, even when wet, dropped, and near freezing. Hell, I’m not sure why I bought a new one. OK, the image stabilization and faster aperture had something to do with it. With Seattle’s ever wet days, I’m glad to have a lens I’m willing to risk. But I sure wish Canon would start sponsoring me!

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