Keeping up the Blogging Rhythm. How Does Matt Adcock Do It?

I am awed by photographers who, despite living full, successful lives, somehow find time to post blog entries regularly. I’m talking great blog entries.
Being swamped with weddings, portraits, hiring a new studio manager, training a new intern, designing a new logo/website, and trying to see my husband, and of course my 3 year old daughter before she graduates high school, I’m falling behind in blog posts. Many are written, but the photos are at the studio. I never seem to be able to select and prepare images. When at work, well, I want to work.
How are you successful people managing to fit “it all” in?! For an example of excellent blogging style and content, check out the strobe master, Matt Adcock’s Flash Flavor. He’s an expert at off camera, portable flash lighting for weddings, and details down to the bolts “how to”. Thank you Matt. But what I really want to know is, how do you make the time?

The Strobist is David Hobby’s informative free on-line “lighting workshop”, and a can’t-miss site. David will also be coming to Seattle in August to do some in-person lighting workshops

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  • matt adcock - Janet,

    I’m humbled by your kind words.

    I feel your pain, and feel the pressure to POST MORE POST MORE POST MORE when I have no time to do it…

    We too manage a studio manager and and luckily, have an awesome trained intern… Opening 2 studios in 2 countries has been a challenge, especially with all the crap the US Govt puts on Mexican Nationals, trying marrying one of them! We are happy though and use the motivation of everyday happiness that we are in the business that we love to continue to tread in open water, no matter what life throws at us.

    It can be hard, but after all, it is what we love!

    AND, i have found that pretty much everything works out…one way or another.

    Thanks again for the comment and link,

    keep up the great work! Congrats on all your publications!


  • JanetKlinger - Matt,
    Speaking of little time, thanks for taking some to respond. As crazy as I feel, I know you’re juggling much more, and doing a damn fine job of it too. Don’t burn out. I want to keep reading your thoughts and being inspired by your creations. Thanks for sharing them. What goes around…ReplyCancel