Trash the Dress, and Your Pajamas Too

This entry is inspired by Mother Talkers, an informative, get-involved site for mothers (and some fathers may enjoy it too). Specifically, I’m responding to a post about the now notorious “Trash the Dress” phenomenon.

Trashing the dress is anything but new. Photographing weddings since 1989 I have always most enjoyed sharing in the sheer joy of the day with those clients less concerned with wear and tear of the dress, and more with their overall excitement about their evolving relationship.

Wanting to keep a dress clean before the ceremony is understandable (though it’s helpful to get more spontaneous, fun, dramatic shots with those LESS concerned with a bit of dirt.)
Yet we all have dreams. Perhaps a bride owns a white horse. It makes sense to wait until after the wedding day to capture those classic bride-on-horse dreamy moments. I’m helping to fulfill dreams and visions, capturing a playful side of my clients. Why not have some fun, hurt no one, be gorgeous, be you, imagined or real, while dirty, wet, or wind blown?!

I prefer to involve both partners in the “trash” sessions. Marriage is not a solo journey.

Some of my recent trash, well, more RECYCLE concepts for couples include:
Riding on motor scooters, veil secured but wildly blown, dress hiked, shoes as jewels, even if a bit of mud hangs from the heel.
Mist sprayed bodies on a boat and then dock. Dog in tow. Who cares if the pup jumps on you. The wedding is over!
Sandy feet and dress fringe. No need to get the whole dress wet, unless you want to!
A romantic bathroom scene, complete with shaving cream, bubbles, and less.
Both of you romping in the hay, grass, mud. Then, of course, there’s clean-up time.
Simply going to your favorite location and not pampering the dress. Think Pike Place Market. Even if you don’t roll on the ground, your dress will be dirty.

Trash the dress if you want, or simply allow it to get soiled while you create life-lasting moments. Why wait for a wedding? Trash your pajamas today!

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