Child photography to-do list before the Session!

Planning a photography session with your younger children? Have a fabulous and successful session by following a few tips before the photography session.

Portrait sessions can get messy. Heatther Pearce and Phil Campbell are well prepared for their toddlers outdoor photography session with Janet Klinger. Messy + Fun = Success!

It’s fun to get dirty. Best to come prepared for your outdoor toddler photography session.

Two Days in advance to Photography Session:

  • You may find it helpful to coordinate and layout outfits, and pack spare clothing just in case dirt happens.

One night before:

  • Pack your toy bag and prepare snacks

Blast off:

  • On session day, allow the kids to wake, eat, play as normal. Keep hustling to a minimum unless that IS the norm.
  • Wear your first outfit to the session, covered by an additional shirt for little ones.
  • Keep snacks fresh, small portions, and nutritious (think banana slices!). Avoid sticky or colors that might stain the skin.
  • Bring favorite music. One selection for energizing children, and one for soothing children (an especially soothing for parents). (Indoor locations only.)
  • If including a favorite toy, aim for less colorful choices.

I look forward to seeing and playing with you soon!

The weather is warm! If you haven’t yet booked your session, contact Janet.

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