Less Frequently Asked Questions about Janet’s Photography

  • Do you have experience with disabled children?     Yes!  I love working with all children. My own daughter has a diagnosis, which requires unique adjustments as many of us do! Children and adults with developmental, hearing, sight and physical disabilities usually enjoy humor, humanity and flourish when greeted with genuine curiosity just as many of us do! Disabilities are simply a part of ones makeup. It’s possible you prefer to minimize the unique quality, or choose to visually celebrate all aspects of each family member.  A Pre-session consultation is part of my usual flow to learn about your family individually and your special bonds. Help me understand your desires, and if we need to make special accommodations, simply state them. I’ll bring plenty of ideas too. Planning makes the session go smoothly, and smooth = fun!
  • What are your policies for rescheduling a session?    Rescheduling is FREE with 24 hours advanced notice.  Less than 24 hours is also free, the first attempt each session, then $50 thereafter. This arrangement allows me to share with you the risk of inclement weather. I love that we can check hour to hour weather.  Rescheduling due to extraordinary circumstances is treated case by case.

There but for the grace of God, go I.

  • Do you donate photography to charitable organizations?     Yes, annually I donate photography sessions in addition to working on my own non-paid projects. If you have an organization that benefits from photography, request early! Naturally, clients take priority, though the majority of requests come from those as yet unknown to me. My personal preference is to donate first to children’s causes, and second, housing for disabled and/or the (formerly) homeless , such as the amazing Plymoth Housing Group.


  • Do you have repeat clients?     Many! More than 30 years in photography allows us to build a long lasting relationship that serves you best and is a joy for me! It’s an honor to gain your increasing trust, allowing me to understand your family’s classic and unique developmental phases, and to capture time-revealed insights. Whether you come first for playful, energetic engagement or precious pet images, then stay for pregnancy, newborn, child, graduation and eventually, professional headshot images, let’s build an heirloom collection of images to pass along to your growing family.  Even wall displays can be designed for adding images over time.  Perfect for our long-term clients!


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