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Our kind of fireworks

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Why do so many people love Seattle?

When it’s nice there is no place more beautiful than Seattle. My profession often allows me to be outside, and this evening I could take advantage of the awesome light Seattle often reflects following a storm. So lucky am I to have an engagement session with a couple flexible enough to cancel and reschedule the session all within one hour. We did get rained on, but it was worth it to spend time with Kimberly and Kevin. What a special night we had!

These two are so at-ease. What a joy to be a part of this experience

Proof is on the finger!

Who knew it was about to rain again!

Kissing in the rain

Allie & Josh, the Dream Team Engaged

How successful a photo session is depends on teamwork. For me that means having clients who either can articulate their passions and visions or trust me to represent them. This project belongs to all of us. It is not unusual to feel a satisfying hum after a session that leaves us each happily coasting through the rest of the day enjoying how luck has struck our lives. Allie and Josh increase and enhance my lucky days.
An absolute ball to photograph, Allie and Josh and I connected from the first moment we met (at the Seattle Wedding Show), and have been a team ever since. We listen to each others ideas then improve on them, back and forth like enthusiastic artists on a mission for an experience and image creation to be told, shared and revisited into posterity.
Rather than take control of the engagement session, or the wedding for that matter, each of us planned to the best of our ability, then we were even more satisfied as nuances from outside influences presented themselves.
I’m so happy to have met these two, and to have the honor of meeting the two families, witnessing where grace originated.
Josh and Ellie, thank you for inviting me to be a part of your extraordinary life!









Monica & Vikrant, Up and Coming.

You know that feeling when insides buzz, the heart knows best; anything is possible? Such was the day I met Monica and Vikrant. Anyone planning a wedding with coordinator Janel Schlitt of Occasions, LLC, is already on my “Got to work with them” list. But even if Monica and Vikrant decided to exchange their go-all-out July 4th wedding bash at the Westin Bellevue for a simple, quick courtroom gig, my “cool event” meter would still be flashing atop the Excitement rating. These two have everything it takes to be great clients. Energy, teamwork, looks, confidence to rely on their carefully chosen vendors to finesse their inspired interweaving of traditional Indian flair with two highly modern, independent spirits. It’s hard not to love these two.
Below are a few engagement photos to tide us all over until the Big Day.
M&V, see you two on the 4th. Maybe I’ll arrive on a white horse too. Or, uh, maybe not.







Kelsey & Gabe Engagement

Before the gorgeous wedding of our very own Kelsey, we went to play in Snoqualmie near Kelsey and Gabe’s new home to create their engagement photographs. Images were displayed on each dining table during the wedding night meal.

For more information on throwing a beautiful event like Kelsey’s, see the Seattle Style article featuring her wedding. The following quote describes my thoughts on what made Kelsey and Gabe’s wedding so special.

“Kelsey wears her love for friends and family on her sleeve, and clearly the love is returned. I felt so connected to everyone, appreciating the deep meaning in each of the friends participating in hand-making programs, performing ceremony music including a recorded processional played on the piano by Gabe’s deceased Dad. Others hung decorations, created favors, and bartended. What made her a fabulous bride to work with? She is in touch with her emotions and has a self-confidence and awareness that made this event heart-felt for all lucky enough to be in attendance.”

Photo Friday: The Team

Making a New Team

When we saw that Photo Friday’s theme this week was “the team”, we couldn’t resist these pictures of a valued member of our team, Kelsey, at her engagement session with now-husband Gabe sporting matching Seahawks football jerseys.

Lauren and Andy at the Pike Place Market: Urban Engagement Session

Put couple-in-love into playful mood, add great teamwork with photographer, get memorable stories to tell and photos to share. Thanks Lauren and Andy, for a fabulous few hours. Can’t wait to see you soon for session #2, your wedding!

Maria and Ray go to Lofty Heights in Downtown Seattle

Maria & Ray get cosy above downtown Seattle

080712w_eng_35.jpgEngagement sessions are invaluable. How many times have I heard “My fiance hates to have his picture taken”, or “I am so awkward in front of the camera”. These sentiments are based in truth as known prior to working with a pro photographer, yet are dispelled as myths upon seeing the images. Confidence is built. And not simply with the couple, but with all those invited to view their images on-line or around the coffee table.

Let’s face it. Uncle Joe may have the same camera as the pros, but does he know how to find great locations, compose, inspire his models, and most importantly, does Uncle Joe know when to press the shutter? Timing is at least 50% of a good photo. Everyone who’s been snapped mid-sentence, eating, or at an awkward moment is susceptible to thinking they are unfit to be photographed. (Just avoid this uncle masquerading as a photographer until he comes to one of my Photography for Beginners classes!)

Location’s influence on a successful image fluctuates dramatically in importance. If the scene is horrific, as some basement-of-the-church receptions are, then lighting, lens choice, angle, and model’s inspiration and expression reign supreme. But if the location is even slightly interesting, why wouldn’t you want a significant portion of the images to glorify your unique choice of environment?

Every time I hear a version of “We look horrible in photographs”, I know this client will benefit even more than the usual from an engagement session. Invaluable is the confidence gained by seeing how great you look when in front of a pro’s lens. Invaluable is the experience of working together as a team before your wedding day to gain rapport. Even family members gain confidence about how good THEY will look. One of the many wonderful side effects of engagement sessions is how helpful, inspired, and interested family and wedding party become in making the photos great. We’re a team on the wedding day. It’s great to have everyone working toward the same goal.

080712w_eng_59.jpgTake the time for an engagement session. In 3 of our 5 wedding packages it’s included at no charge. In Options I and II add a simple one hour engagement session for $395, or an extended three hour engagement session allowing us time to explore a complete range of ideas. For a complete list of custom engagement options, visit the websites’s Cost section, and choose the “Tell your story- Engagement and bridal” botton at the top.

And thank you to Maria and Ray for the fun session — they’ve put together a website for their upcoming wedding at

Las Vegas Engagement

I’m not sure who had more fun at this 3 hour Las Vegas engagement session:
the wild-about-you couple, or the wild-about-both-of-you photographer.



















Favorite Shots: June

Girls FencingBaby Upside-Down CakeS and S with backlight

This is Jane your friendly Production Manager with the first in a weekly series: favorite shots I’ve handled this week. I’m hoping to post one or two shots each week; usually the ones that made someone in the back of the studio giggle or say “awww”. And to start things off right, this week you get three. :) That cute couple on the right are Shanna and Scott, who won our raffle for a free engagement session at the Seattle Wedding Show this year.