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Free portrait sessions Nov 9th to benefit Seattle Childrens Hospital and cherished friendship!

I value my best friend beyond belief and I treasure the photos we have together. Let me capture you with your most important friend (spouse or baby count!) and begin a collection of the two of you that can span decades. Your session benefits more than the two of you. Secure a Friends Mini Session with Janet Klinger by November 6th then bring a new toy, book or other treasure (see suggested list) to your November 9th, 2011 session date and your donation to Seattle Children’s Hospital will count as payment in full for a 30 minute mini session. (see details below) If you prefer to donate cash, please make checks payable to Seattle Children’s Hospital Foundation (designate “Child Life Department Toy Fund”).

Choose your best friend carefully as you are limited to one companion during this special charity session benefiting Children’s Hospital.

Janet Klinger Photography

Janet Klinger Photography Family

Janet Klinger Photography

Here are a few of our favorite local toy stores

Top Ten Toys


Curious Kidstuff

Planet Happy Kids

A few details.
What: Mini Photo Sessions 30 minutes each, one per person.
Why: Benefit children in need while raising awareness for Seattle Children’s Hospital toys program and their generous community support.
When: November 9th, 2011.
Where: Janet Klinger Photography Studio.
Who: You and your closest friend or companion
Cost: Free with donation of a new toy. A $50 deposit is required to secure your time, to be used towards print order.
Beyond traditional prints our studio specializes in wall art and table pieces including
metal etched print clusters
canvas wrapped gallery prints
museum grade photographs printed on artist papers
To see cluster examples visit here.
Contact us to find out more details.

Local Photographer starts the new school year off right!

Bitter sweet is the month of September. Summer is over, school is starting. Parents and children often have mixed emotions; good-bye summer adventures, hello alarm clocks, school buses and homework.

For most kids looking forward to new back to school supplies is the tradition that jump starts their school spirit. Anticipating sports, music, dance and clubs stirs the imagination. Yet there are many kids in foster care who may not experience these joys. But your donation to Treehouse brightens their day. You can help these kids and your own jumpstart the school year off with a smile!

Bring in your donation receipt by October 1st to receive Janet Klinger Photography’s Back to School Savings package and Janet will help you support Treehouse by matching your donation! Email us to find out more about this limited time offer that gives up to $200 per Back to School package to Treehouse, an amazing resource for those in foster care!


Parents Guide to Summer in Seattle

Looking for some fun Seattle summer things to do!? Janet Klinger Photography has come up with some local ideas!

Kids eat free?! Check out this link for local restaurants that offer up some free food for kids!

Read the summer away! Join the Seattle Public Library reading programs

Get Out! Summer at SAM

Outdoor movies! Head to Marymoor Park, Magnuson Park, West Seattle or Fremont to watch an outdoor movie this summer.

Looking to join a fun summer camp?

Pick your own berries and other yummy food! Check out one of the many local farms, Remlinger Farms

And be sure to catch up on Martha Stewart‘s 60 days of summer

But don’t forget to have the award winning portrait photographer, Janet Klinger capture your 2011 summer memories (and tan)! Book a session with Janet before the end of September and receive her Spectacular Seattle Summer Special! Contact us to find out more.

Janet Klinger Photography Family Portraits

Janet Klinger Photography Family Portraits

Cherry Blossom Photo Special at UW

Photography session special – CHERRY BLOSSOMS at the University of Washington! One hour sessions at the UW April 4-8 from 9am-3pm.
Each hour is $199 plus a $400 minimum order. (save $250)
Family defined: You and your significant other, kids, pets, grandparents, or siblings. How do you define family?

Why a special? I realized yesterday the trees are already blooming- two weeks earlier than I pre-scheduled for annual cherry blossom sessions.
Click here to book a session or to inquire.

Janet Klinger is Seattle’s fine art family photographer, creating one of a kind display pieces including photographic wall collections, wax painted photographs, cubism clusters, luxury albums, classic photographs, canvas prints, personalized stationary and gifts that showcase photography at its finest.
Phone: 206-622-7478


Rosh Sillars on Social Media. Well worth the Time and Money

Rosh Sillars breaks down the basics of social media networking and builds from there. As an experienced teacher and a photographer himself he knows the field and how to inspire action. I learned of his talents during the free Joystart your Year webinar series inspired by business guru Sarah Petty. This is a top notch influential series inspiring new ways to spread the love of the photography business, coddle a wonderful client base, and stoke the fire of inspiration.

Rosh Sillars is an invaluable mentor and SEO expert

Rosh Sillars is an invaluable mentor and SEO expert

Rosh Sillars is inspiring to say the least. He makes the Social Media process sound as easy as sending a formatted email, yet he makes it brilliantly clear SM is imperative in today’s business world– it’s worth all the time investment possible, so put it on the calendar. Did I mention putting on the calendar the creation and following of social media as part of your weekly networking?

Take care of your current and future clients by letting them know more about you and your offerings. Seems like old news, but Rosh updates networking methods in an easy to digest form encouraging all to keep up with today’s style of using multiple methods of personal connection. I appreciate his “I will help others” attitude.

While today’s webinar was free and a one time gig, Rosh does sell his beginning and intermediate/ advanced concepts on the Joy of Marketing site. The Joy of Marketing’s Joystart your Year series generously saves me time and money maintaining my public presence.

The series is specific to the photography industry yet I can imagine many segments being helpful to multiple fields, especially those visually focused.

CALL TO ACTION! There is but one more Wednesday to go. JOM is continuing the free, amazing seminars with speakers Jules Bianchi on Weddings, Erin Vorbeck on SEO, and Sarah Petty herself on Branding.
It’s on my calendar!
The times are Central Standard Time. Because I inadvertently missed a few of my favorite speakers including Seattle’s own Bruce and Josh Hudson.

Photo Assistants Rejoice. Pub Night!

If you know any Seattle area photography assistants or those aspiring to be, tonight the ASMP assistants group is having Pub Night for ANYONE interested in networking with assistants. Here are details.

WHEN: Thursday December 16th, 7:00pm-9pm

801 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98104
WHO: ASMP membership not required, 21 and over only

Greetings assistants,

Come to the Assistant’s Pub Night so we can get to know each other better. Talk shop, trade secrets, share ideas, drink beer and just be social. Having a community of assistants will help us collaborate, refer each other and learn from each other. You do not need to be an ASMP member to attend, all are welcome!

Fadó has generously offered everyone their first drink FREE (beer, wine, well or soda)! So put it on your calendar now!

No rsvp necessary.

Hope to see you there.

For ASMP assistant information, email Tegra Nuess

Be Boutique photography forum of the Giants

Be Boutique will flaunt the many advantages of the boutique photography experience. That will be me in the corner gawking, in awe of 5 amazing women in the pro photography circuit- Thanks to Dane Sanders’ inspiring Escalate LIVE.

I’m probably not the only one bursting at the seams to ask so many questions of these immensely successful photos and one sleek-geek wizard. The wizard is none other than THE Julieanne Kost, from Adobe. who I have turned to many a time with PhotoShop design and user questions. She’s the Photoshop tutorial video MAASTA. The lineup of Mega-successful portrait photographers include the renown Vicki Taufer, Lori Nordstrom, Tamara Lackey, Julia Woods, and Kia Bondurant. Because I’m bursting at the seams, and even though I know this is a well rehersed program not at all designed to answer the following questions, I’m hoping to sneak in a few over wine, or dinner, or the bathroom sink.
Here are questions for the powers that be:
1. Resources to help with marketing that don’t cost the earth; i.e. gorgeous blogs, and printed materials.
2. Who, specifically is helping design, write and produce blogs, fliers, album page designs, boxes???
3. Affordable packaging/branding materials (when I’m not sponsored by any companies-yet. Cough)
5. Are those on the panel selling wall portraits, or are small prints ruling the walls and tabletops?
6. Do any sell the originals/digi files (I’m just going to “no” after 5 years of “yes”, but had 20 years of Hassalblad negs that I never sold so I could control the quality of the final product, among 100 other reasons.
7. Projection proofing vs. paper proofs vs. online sites vs. photographer hosted galleries and built in shopping carts.
8. Who exactly helps with the physical (and conceptual) design of these carts?
9. How else are these ladies making their income?, if not too personal a question. Perhaps Self-producing products, partnering with companies, selling videos of techniques or advice, speaker circuits? Perhaps 100% shooting and sales directly related to these sessions?
10. How many hours a week do they put in individually. How many hours per week do staff put in, cumulatively.
11. What do you outsource? Do you double check their work? Who are you using?

I recognize this is late in the game. I’m just asking and hoping for input on the endless curiosities ricocheting in my buzzing, overworked head.
One excited photographer,

Laila and Bassam at Newcastle Golf Club

A dreamy Seattle Sunset is supposed to be the shining star at Newcastle Golf and Country club. True to form, it was at the picture perfect sunset that made our Grand Finale photograph. Equally glowing were the joyful faces participating and listing to the rhythm of drums, clapping of hands, dancing and laughter coming from the dance floor in celebration of the Taji’s and Saliba’s wonderfully Arab-inspired reception.

The chocolates were unbelievable, made by Seattle’s own Theo Chocolates

The Engagement Story, from Laila’s perspective…
Bassam had told Laila that since his brother George and his sister-in-law Cina were in town that they should all go out for a fancy lunch. “I’ll pick you up at 1pm. Be sure to dress up,” Bassam told her. (Clue #1) He picked her up at 1:30pm, which is 1pm BST (Bassam Standard Time) and casually mentioned that Cina wanted them to pick up some Theo chocolate for her. “Remember I brought her some last year when we visited in October. I am so glad she liked it.” Not remembering at all Bassam quickly responded, “Oh, right . . . yeah she loved it.” (Close call #1)

As they walked towards and into the factory Bassam wondered a loud if the owner, Deb Music was there. Deb was friends with Bassam’s friend Alma and had previously met her at a party . Laila was doubtful. “I’d love to meet her but it’s Sunday. Do you really think she’ll be here?” The factory show room was bustling and sure enough Deb was there. (Clue #2). Despite having a whole script planned, Bassam jumped to the next phase of the surprise and asked. “Do you guys do tours?” “Yes, but we’re really full,” Deb began. “But, I’d be happy to give you a private tour.” Deb grabbed some stuff for us handed them hairnets and escorted them into the factory. She gave a cursory description of the chocolate equipment before saying, “Laila, I know a place you haven’t seen before. We just opened our dinner-theater space. Let me show you.” Suddenly, Deb realized that she forgot to do something very important. “Here take these chocolates,” she said as she handed Laila a rectangular Theo chocolate box labeled with a nice brown ribbon around it. “I have to run. Go ahead and peek into that room. They are setting up in there so you can’t stay long but, I’ll be right back to come and get you.”

Bassam and Laila walk into this space that is set up in a warehouse. “Wow what a beautiful space,” Laila remarks. “Where do you think the acting happens?”, Laila pondered as she scanned the room. “I’m not sure, but let’s have some chocolate.” (Clue #3) Bassam does not have much of a sweet tooth but his desire for chocolate was not of any concern. Laila’s concern was that if they ate from this box of chocolates than they would have to go pick out and buy another box of chocolates. And why do that when they had a perfectly good box of chocolates right here. So she said, “Let’s not and just give this one to Cina.”

“Well, I want to try one” Bassam said as he undid the brown bow. Seeing that it would be impossible to return the ribbon to its original state, Laila happily conceded to eating some chocolate. She lifted the top of the box revealing the protective top layer of crinkly white paper which Bassam then removed with his other hand. Laila’s eyes, immediately went, not to the beautiful diamond ring in the center of the box, but the oh-so-precious piece of chocolate that had stuck to the white paper in Bassam’s other hand. She stuck her hand out to catch it as Bassam said, “why don’t you pick a piece of chocolate”, as he delicately shook the box. She finally turned to him and then the box where she saw the ring sitting in a rose petal amongst 11 truffles. Laila still did not realize what was happening. She stared at the ring as these thoughts ran through her head, “It’s not my birthday, Christmas is still a month away, that’s a really nice ring for just a random present . . .” Until Bassam said, “So . . .?” “So . . .?,” she replied when it suddenly clicked. And she screamed “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Vendor Details with Laila’s comments:
Venue & Catering: Golf Club at Newcastle: “Great at letting us add a few of our Middle Eastern spices and foods to help make the food unique to our families and culture.”
Florist: Aria: “John was great at utilizing a few of my crazy ideas while keeping everything sharp and beautiful. The arrangements were perfect and the purple runners really made the room!”
Favors: (organic, fair-trade chocolate-dipped-and-stuffed figs) Theo Chocolates
Cake: Creme de la Creme Cakes
Photography: Janet Klinger Photography
Ceremony Music: Seattle Strings
Reception Music: DJ Saed from Los Angeles: “He was great at mixing Arabic and English and Latin music – he even got out on the dance floor and did dabkeh (a Lebanese dance) with the guests.”
Bridal Gown: Belltown Bridal
Stationer: Paper Moxie: “Sheryl did an amazing job of creating a unique design that matched our personalities exactly. We could not have asked for a better design and received so many compliments from everyone”
Makeup: Areen Al-Attal
Video: Bogle Productions

Seattle Mixes it up- a Worldly Wedding Reception at Columbia Tower Club

Vietnamese and Filipino cultures merge beautifully at this Seattle wedding of Minh Hua and Joel Gavino. They held the ceremony at lovely St Vincent De Paul in Federal Way, WA. The light in the sanctuary made it easy to take photos, even for amateur photographers. These two really love each other and had many moments and symbols that represent their blossoming relationship. At Minh’s home, Joel asked permission to marry Minh, which her father granted. Phew! The traditional Vietnamese ao dai (attire) and tea ceremony waited until we arrived at Columbia Tower Club which was glowing gold in the Seattle’s late afternoon light. What a picture perfect setting for the rest of the evening.

First kiss on the wedding day

An attempt at making their first glance a private moment

Blue bridesmaids dresses from I Do Bridal stand out.

Filipino flowergirl holding wedding flowers

Seattle Bridal party in blue dresses carry White Parasols from The Knot

Brides gift to Groom, engraved silver calendar from E. E. Robbins Jewelers

Two Filipino ring bearers in Seattle wearing pink bow ties

5 handsome Asian groomsmen at Seattle cross-cultural or inter racial wedding

Vietnamese American Bride in western tiara and veil Seattle

Filipino American Groom exits stately wood doors at St Vincent De Paul in Federal Way WA

Occasions LLC designed this candle glowing wedding ceremony at St Vincent De Paul in Federal Way WA

Vietnamese American Bride calmly awaiting her Western wedding ceremony at St Vincent De Paul Church in Federal Way WA

The playful bubble-blowing recessional exit of the Bride and Groom from St Vincent De Paul in Federal Way WA

The playful bubble exit of the Bride and Groom

Ah the amazing kiss among blowing bubbles. Two cultures marry and celebrate at St Vincent De Paul Church in Federal Way WA

There are so many fun photos. Keep you eyes open for part two which will feature more photos from St Vincent De Paul and the Columbia Tower Club, including the fabulous views.

Some of the Stand-out vendors include:
Wedding Planner and Coordination: Janel Schlitt of Occasions LLC, one of my favorite coordinators- and Seattle has so many. Janel is goes above and beyond.
Wedding Flowers: Anna’s Flowers
Wedding Gown and Bridesmaids Dresses: I Do Bridal
Wedding Cake: Cakes of Paradise
Wedding Videography: Bogle Productions

A couple great things still for sale

I still have a few available things for sale. The big items include:
Wacom Tablet, Intuos 3, 6×8, usb, Never used. $249
iMAC, original blue $25 Works great, but older operating system.

Antique Armoire $599 obo