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Luly Yang High Tea & Fashion Infusion

If you love Luly’s designs as much as I do, don’t miss this afternoon event. (This is our “winning bride” Tricia Benzinger who among other things, had the pleasure of modeling in Luly’s gorgeous gowns during a few days of shooting.)



A Rendezvous of High Tea & Fashion Infusion

June 1, 2008, 2.30pm

The Georgian, The Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Luly Yang will launch her 2009 limited edition “High Tea collection of dresses, swing coats and suits at The Georgian on June 1, 2008. The event will be a visual feast, with a host of designs inspired by the varied flavors of tea; peach tea, green tea, raspberry tea and lavender tea. Guests at the event will enjoy the unique opportunity to be the first to own a piece from this stunning collection, as well as pre-order styles from the collection featured in several exclusive fabrics.

The collection will be presented in a roving petite fashion show while guests are treated to a delightful high tea spread. The menu for this afternoon is specially created by Gavin Stephenson, Executive Chef, The Fairmont Olympic Hotel. It will feature blends of loose-leaf tea, dainty finger sandwiches, tempting sweets and delicious scones to complement the teas that inspired Luly Yang.

Priced at $65 for adults, and $22 for children ages 6 to 12 years old, this afternoon of indulgence includes:

Lavender Luly Champagne Cocktail

“High Tea” ~ The Story

Luly Yang Petite Fashion Show

Couture High Tea

Surprise & Delight Swag Bag

Luly Yang Shoe & Bag Drawing

Prices inclusive of tax and gratuity. Reservations are recommended. For tea event reservations, call (206) 621-7889, or e-mail For show information call (206) 623-8200, or e-mail

Bride Ideas features Florists and Wedding attire in the Best Light

Event lighting has become todays elite wedding accessory. Even the best photographer can only do so much in a dark venue when it comes to candid photography. Your “posed candids” will look fabulous regardless. But for premium lighting of candid moments, subtle or dramatic lighting enhancements are worth the effort. Take a look at the Bride Ideas fabulous fashion show, produced by Terri Morgan of TCM. The great lighting and effects are a PNTA specialty- I used only a simple fill flash.

Granted, the fact that Flora Nova‘s flowers were gorgeous, the dresses well chosen, the TCM models from adorable to glamorous all contribute to the sophistication of the images. You too can have the glamor. Hire these great vendors! –Especially ME to be your photographer! ;-)

All dresses and accessories are either from I Do Bridal or The Bridal Garden . Tuxedos by The Tuxedo Club. Make-up by Sephora

_mg_9344.jpg _mg_9310.jpg
Flowers by Flora Nova

_mg_9205.jpg _mg_9201.jpg
Flowers by Flora Nova

_mg_9532.jpg _mg_9455.jpg
Flowers by Flora Nova

_mg_9419.jpg _mg_9389.jpg
Flowers by Flora Nova

_mg_9535.jpg _mg_9392.jpg
Flowers by Flora Nova

For a full list of Bride Ideas vendors see my former post.

Adoptive Families Magazine honors us with 2 covers in 3 months

Adoptive Families Magazine found me through our photography work with World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP). Besides being honored, I respect that AFM uses adopted kids on their covers. So many beautiful adopted kids to choose from.

I’m thrilled to share my shots, used for the Sept and Nov 2007 issues.



Last call for pets! Pet stock shoot Wednesday, June 13th!

Janet’s space for pets is booking quickly, but we do have a few spots left if you think your dog, cat, iguana or parrot have what it takes to strut their stuff for the camera. We are especially interested in exotic animals, or domestic pets with unusual features or mobility issues. Stock photos taken can be used in advertising, magazines, promotional use or for nearly any purpose…so a release must be signed by the owner before photos will be taken. Owners are welcome to participate with their pet, if they sign a model release. You will receive a CD of the images for personal use within 60 days of the shoot. Sessions are 15 minutes long and we have some spots open between 10am and 2pm – so please call the studio if you are interested!  There is no charge for Janet’s time, but we are accepting donations of $10, $20 or whatever you feel inclined to give for the ASCPA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  Thanks to Patti at PJ’s Paws and Claws in Magnolia for all her help in casting for this event!

Thank you to our generous vendors!

The 2007 Urban Bridal Fashion Infusion was made possible by the generous contributions of the following Seattle vendors:

Luly Yang Couture

David Galliett of Rented Elegance

Tiara’s on Location- Hair & Makeup

Darcy Camden of Styled Seattle

The Tux Shop

Merry Beth Turpin of Aisle of View

Bella Umbrella

Green Lake Jewelry Works

Pravda Studios

W Seattle

The Heights on Capitol Hill Apartments

Aaron Horton Productions Videography

A tremendous thanks also goes to our models who played “Bride” and “Groom” for the day: Sandra Kord, Tricia Benzinger, Elisa Pupko, Marcio Catalano, Michael Reese and Nick Skinner.

Seattle Model Nick Skinner. Our Most Valuble Player

Nick Skinner not only looks great in photographs, his helpful, thoughtful personality earns him Most Valuable Player for the fashion Infusion sessions. Nick not only worked long hours, but carried dry wall, closed dirty freight elevator gates, rearranged furniture, and was on board to help in any way he could “to make the sessions go smoothly”. I didn’t ask for any of this. Nick took these tasks upon himself. Attitude looks great. Attitude works great! Thank you Nick, for exceeding the call of duty!

To see his portfolio, visit #376372 on Model Mayhem

The location for this series of photos is Pravda Studios on Capital Hill. They bent over backwards for us.

Hair and makeup by Tiara’s on Location. She is a Tiara of all trades. Hair, makeup, styling dress details, accessory ideas, and a great sense of humor too!

Nick in a Tux Shop tux

Dress from Luly Yang. Ring from Greenlake Jewelry Works. This was everyone’s favorite ring!

Look at those blue eyes! Oh, and the gorgeous dress is from Luly Yang Couture. The suit is Nick’s own.

The New James Bond. Nick gets my vote. The tux, as always, from The Tux Shop

Phew! Fashion photography is fast, furious, fun and finished!

After weeks of planning, the Urban Bridal Fashion Infusion sessions have wrapped up. I’m exhilarated and exhausted. Day One I woke up at 4AM, and left my studio at 11:30PM only to rise again at 5AM finishing Day Two at 10:30PM.
Now we have many thousands of images to edit and post process.
I have learned so much from this elaborate production. When time is of the essence, experience is critical. A good stylist makes the difference in attention to attire details and successful accessorizing; not just how outfits fit, but how they hang, flow and shimmer during shooting. Models who need little direction, and who are aware of their best angles, expressions and postures vastly increase the successful image to time ratio. Hair and makeup can make or break an entire set up, no matter how wonderful other talent is.
Most of all, I learned all over again how much I value Jane Patterson, who continually comes up with ways to be helpful, even when I don’t need help. When I DO need help, her Can-Do attitude is calming, and her problem solving abilities glorify her enormous IQ. Let’s see if I can figure out how to keep her around the studio forever. Jane STRONGLY suggests these fashion marathons should only happen once each year. Now that’s wisdom!

Seattle Fashion Photography, Videography by Aaron Horton


Aaron Horton will be capturing Urban Fashion Infusion on video! I am so impressed by Aaron’s unusual perspectives and story telling ability. I am Wowed by his work! He’s been wonderfully flexible and accommodating too. We now have 9 Luly Yang gowns, 6 locations and 8 models to shoot over two 11 hour days. (Sounds like an elaborate wedding!) I’ll share my granola bars, and Spring water (doesn’t get any better than this!) with Aaron while we keep the energy flying high. I can’t wait to collaborate with Aaron.

We’re in count down mode. We begin 7am at the chic, modern W hotel.


Luly Yang Couture

The selection of dresses, gowns and accessories displayed at Luly Yang’s 4th Ave studio is what dreams are made of. Darcy Camden and I were tickled to enjoy this fashion dreamland while selecting dresses for Fashion In Fusion. Luly runs her business with the utmost care and attention to detail, and given that we were treated like queens, just imagine how YOU will be treated!


Remember this name, as if you haven’t already!


These are a few of the Luly Yang dresses we are considering. This is an inventory shot only with the lens and flash on hand, but you can still get a sense of how glorious these designs are. Just wait until they are well lite and on a gorgeous Bride!


Details make the difference, but nothing matters more than having a master designer!


I am guilty of not knowing Luly’s full scope until now. This is a complete salon with jewelry, shoes, wraps, veils, and party dresses. Remember, these shots were taken without the benefit of good lighting. There’s nothing like seeing them in person. — Well, perhaps in the upcoming fashion spreads…


Darcy envisioning which of our brides or models might wear this particular gown in which of our urban settings.

The sessions are coming up May 22 and 23. We’ll post some images within the following week. Stay tuned.

Oh Lucky Day! Darcy Camden on Board for Fashion In Fusion.

Oh Lucky me! (and Lucky are the winning Model Bride and Model Groom.) Darcy Camden has agreed to join our creative team as stylist for the upcoming Fashion in Fusion Photo Sessions. One incredible person after another has joined our crew. Today, Darcy is icing on the cake!
For those of you who don’t know, Darcy Camden is a busy gal. Not only is she Director of Promotions and Public Relations at John Robert Powers Acting/Modeling Academy, Darcy is also Fashion Contributor & stylist for Ambush Makeover on Northwest Afternoon on KOMO-TV. She even has her own fashion advice column, Ask Darcy. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, Darcy is owner of Styled Seattle, a personal shopping/stylist service. I’m signing up to hire her TODAY! Better yet, she signed on with Fashion in Fusion today! Honored to have you join the team, Darcy!
Darcy Camden, featured in
The Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest
Magazine Fashion issue, August 2006