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Adorable Phinney Ridge House for Rent.

Home for rent on top of popular Phinney Ridge, by Greenlake - avail Feb 1

Come rent our sweet Seattle bungalow

A couple great things still for sale

I still have a few available things for sale. The big items include:
Wacom Tablet, Intuos 3, 6×8, usb, Never used. $249
iMAC, original blue $25 Works great, but older operating system.

Antique Armoire $599 obo

Halloween 2008 pictures are ready!

Halloween is a wonderful combination of the simple and the wild. Pretending to be someone or something we are not (at least externally) has it’s own excitement. Stimulated by endless possibilities, I am sometimes inspired and sometimes overwhelmed with costume decisions. What I love about the Annual Janet Klinger Photography Halloween Costume Photos is that, for our neighbors the studio is a hop, skip or slither from home. And for everyone, it’s an affordable treat to capture our own children at their best, beastly or beautiful. I have never seen a child in costume, no matter what his mood, who wasn’t adorable. See for yourself. The halloween photos are in!

Our not-scary Studio Manager kelsey

Our not-scary Studio Manager kelsey

See all the images!

Special Offer! Charitable Giving to Seattle Public Schools.

Purchase a photo session with Janet Klinger Photography by October 25, 2008 and receive either 8 wallets or an 8×10 photograph. Pre-purchase a 20 image Coffee Table Book and 10% of the book cost goes to the Seattle Public School of your choice.

For more details including pricing click here.

Book your session now!

Reason #345 why we love our jobs: TM Dessert Works

We keep dreaming of Chocolate. Next door to our Phinney Ridge photo studio is T.M. Dessert Works. This means that most weekdays, delicious smells of chocolate and other goodies tend to drift through the wall (and make us hungry.) Tim and the whole crew are talented bakers, super nice, and great neighbors.

We can special order all kinds of goodies, but a heart-shaped chocolate cake is a favorite around here.

We also testify to their chocolate chip cookies being Seattle’s Best Cookies!!!

Phinney Ridge, Simply a Dream

Phinney Ridge is such a fabulous neighborhood. Here preschool, groceries, parks, zoo, Greenlake, bakeries, and friends are less than a 10 minute walk away. We’re lucky beyond my dreams to live in this politically aware, socially conscious neighborhood where neighbors help each other and the urban village thrives.

Our community revolves around the PNA where members can borrow tools for home projects, and classes cover an enormous array of interest. A tiny portion of the class list includes yoga, pilates, swing, tap, belly dance, computer, musical instruments. Weekly gatherings include Spanish conversation, book clubs, social, political, musical and neighborly events. The recent embracing of the Greenwood Senior Center has added an additional wealth of opportunity for old and young to learn, play and bond together.

Some of my favorites Phinney Ridge / Greenwood establishments include

CLOTHING for Women: The Frock Shop, as if the owner has been sent from heaven to be my personal shopper- unique, trendy yet affordable. Wish packs-in adorable funky items to mix and match, Hip Zephyr for designer clothing in a casual boutique setting, Lemon Meringue for high end wear with an eye toward casual. Small but hip maternity collection too. Tweed represents local designers (funky casual) at still affordable prices.

CHILDREN’S Mimi Rose featuring owner-designed clothing and select toys, books. Rising Stars for adorable new & used clothing, books and gifts. Top Ten Toys is first to come to mind when I want a classic toy or I’m stumped for creative project ideas. playmatters, an indoor playground for kids, networking and seminars for adults. My daughter Ellie gets her hair cut at Beach Combers, where she gets to ride on a turtle while watching a video. Such a treat!

CAFES: The Asian infused Fresh Flours (The azuki bean- green tea cake is second only to their blueberry stuffed muffin) , The happy to be politically correct Green Bean (caters to those with kids. Super comfy atmosphere and tasty treats), Herkimer Coffee (best without children or when you need to work on your laptop) .


DINNER: Santa Fe Cafe for a flavorful Southwestern treat, Carmelita for vegetarian food (seasonal NW) and hip atmosphere, Il Giardino for tasty Italian, Chef Liao serves Asian fusion in a family run, casual setting.
SMALL PLATES with interesting drinks I choose Oliver’s Twist or Tigertail.
MEDITERRANEAN is popular here: Yannis’, Gorgeous George’s, Olive You, Georgia’s.
SIMPLE BUT TASTY Red Mill Burger, 74th Street Ale House, Crash landing Pizza.
BREAKFAST eateries: Phinney Market for Sunday Brunch, kitschy Mae’s Phinney Ridge Cafe or the sweet family run Pete’s Egg Nest.

OTHER valuable assets. We’re also home to the Phinney EcoVillage, lead by former Seattle Times writer and activist Paul Andrews. Phinney Farmers Market at the PNA. Woodland Park Zoo. Greenlake for swimming indoor, outdoor and all things done comfortably around a 3 mile trail. (Biking and rollerblading at a leisurely pace due to throngs of people enjoying this popular park.)

Come visit Phinney Ridge. Everyone is welcome here.

The Phinney Farmers Market Feeds Me Inside and Out


Finally. It opened tonight!!! Like a child I’ve been awaiting the opening of the new Phinney Farmers Market, hosted in the parking lot of the PNA at 66th and Phinney Ave N. We bought a radio flyer red wagon on Craigslist, allegedly for Ellie’s 3rd birthday, but let’s face it. I’ve always wanted one, and so has Tim. Carrying Market goods and a 3 year old– perfect excuse! I changed my babysitting coverage for Friday so Ellie and I could shop and then meet Tim for a tasty dinner.

The produce was largely organic, all local, and freshly picked. The cheese was easily sampled, expensive but worth it. The breads and baked goods were fresh, organic, wholesome AND tasty. The crepes were to die for. (Oh, to have nine lives…) The thin crust pizza’s were cooked in brick ovens and filled the Market with intense aromas.
The best part was the community camaraderie. I saw so many enjoyable people, both known and new to me. Clients, neighbors, former pre-school parents and kids, future pre-school parents, and friendly people I shared a table with over dinner, coming in waves. I felt like I was enjoying a giant neighborhood party. I can say, knowing it will incorrectly sound like an exaggeration, that I was touched to my inner-being. This is exactly the “center” I’ve been craving for. Best of all, I only rarely work on Fridays, so I plan to make this a weekly event.


Good times at the Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk

This is Jane P. with a note from the production department; I just wanted to post a few of my favorites from the art walk photo sessions; it was a real blast to watch Chris work!


These guys invited us to the High Dive this Thursday for a Seattle Works benefit show.




You can see the whole shoot here.

Introducing Chris B, our New Associate Photographer

Chris B has joined us here at Janet Klinger Photography. Shooting both portraits, events and weddings, Chris is a huge asset to the team. He’s soft spoken, unobtrusive and has an eye for the moment. His portraits are works of art, sophisticated in their simplicity. Decide for yourself. We’re offering an associate special through May 31, 2007. Chris is also photographing art lovers during the annual Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk. Come meet Chris in person, and see what he can do for you!


Looking Good? Let us take your picture during the Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk!


Janet Klinger Photography is offering FREE portrait mini sessions May 11, 6-8:30. Come to The Studio at 6120 Phinney Ave N on Friday night, meet our new associates, C Charles Bowden & Jane Patterson, and have your photos taken. Donations to the West Woodland Elementary Art Docent program are encouraged, with a suggested donation of $10 per 5 exposures. All are welcome, with or without a checkbook.
The Annual Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk is May 11th and 12th, though we are only open for portraits on Friday the 11th.


100% profit goes to the art fund! Images will be posted as a group on Pictage for one month, and the prints will be offered at a discount during this time. (For instance, a 5×7 color print will be $15 instead of $33.) 3 sets of 5 exposures are the max per person please.

We’ll also be showing off some of Janet’s pregnancy photography.

Join us!