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Janet Klinger’s Asuka Album of the Week!

We are so pleased to be awarded Asuka Album of the Week for the gorgeous event hosted by Monica Khurana and Vik Duggal. Check it out, and this is only the mini album! If you want your event to look this good, choose Janel Schlitt of Occasions LLC as Monica and Vik did.
For more images, keep your eyes out for the winter Bridal magazines. (No I can’t tell which one! Not yet anyway.)

Vic and Monica bring India to Bellevue Washington

Vic and Monica bring India to Bellevue Washington

See the album here!

Photographers, Calm Your Control Freak

Eyes glazed over from too much editing!Loosing my inner control freak, and training the miracle do-all employee; two of my career-long struggles. What a gift to hear from like minded, articulate (and funny) photographers Me Ra Koh, Sara France, Marc Weisberg and Dane Sanders describing their all-consuming post processing. They have each struggled with whether to keep post processing in-house vs. outsourcing. “Four’s Company“, a video from Shoot Dot Edit, allows me to be cyber-present during such a personally poignant conversation. I feel as if I’m sitting in the living room sharing ideas.

If you have personal experience with Shoot Dot Edit, renowned professional post-processors, or their competitors, I’d love to hear from you. Our busy time is upon us, so further personal opinions that might help me decide on a post processor to help support our in-house, overworked staff are gratefully appreciated.

The over loaded post processor blues.

Deluxe Portrait sessions now include an 8×10 proof catalog

_mg_7698blog.jpg Portrait clients love to get value by upgrading a One Hour to our Deluxe One Hour session. For this $50 upgrade receive an 8×10 proof catalog of all images, or add one later for $100. The larger 10×13 spiral bound book is a $90 upgrade or add the 10×13 later for $180.

For more information on portrait pricing, please visit my Janet Klinger Photography website and choose “Cost”. (There are also prices there for Wedding and Pregnancy sessions)

From top to bottom: 10×13 interior (6 images/page, each 2.5 x 3.75″); 8×10 interior (6 images/page, each 2×3″); 8×10 cover image (1-8×10)

Hip Modern Birth Announcements, Holiday Cards, and Thank You Notes

We now offer Birth Announcements, Holiday, Invitations and Thank You cards. If we ever have a slow season, I’ll post a few of our new ones…

Awesome Asuka – Our Coffee Table Book

Printed in Japan, Asuka Books are a gorgeous, high quality, thin, light alternative to our many Albums. These Coffee Table Books are especially appealing for a number of reasons. (Later, a comparison of our most oft chosen books and albums, of which Asuka is one.)

While this Book is not just for our wedding clients, the average couple who chooses *8 hours of wedding coverage includes 130-180 images in their Book collection. Let’s face it. Why would you have me capture so many moments in time and the finer details if you don’t want to include them? Because the images are offset printed onto quality paper (not the heavier mounted or matted photos), you can include many pages and never need to purchase the optional Fork Lift. (When needed for other albums, Fork Lifts come in Red, Black, or Pink with Cocoa-Brown accents. Driver is extra.)
Asuka also appeals to those wanting numerous copies of their custom designed Book. It’s a relief how relatively inexpensive the **clone copies are. All the more so as additional Books are added. Even when purchasing Coffee Table ALBUMS (not books), additional ***”reformatted clone” copies of Asuka Books are cost effective.

Lastly, I adore the classy effect an original Book provides. Asuka is an elegant choice for wedding, portrait or pregnancy collections.

Note: I did not take these gorgeous photos. The very talented and industrious Kevin Kubota did.

Asuka Coffee Table Book choicesAsuka Coffee Table Book flexible pagesAsuka Coffee Table Book with slip coverKubota slipcovers in Red

* 8 hours of coverage usually means shooting between 1000 and 1600 images. Through your on-line gallery I present the best 600-800 images. Fear Not! I help you edit to a number that is appropriate both for your personal style, taste and chosen Option. My job is to make yours easy!

** Clones are exact copies of album type and layout design as in the original album or book. While the size can be different, the scale needs to match. An original album of 12×12 can also be ordered as 10×10, 8×8, or 5×5 for example. Asuka clones are squares only, however other album lines have rectangular clones as well.
*** Reformatted clones are copies made from the original design, but are crossing-over from one type of album to another. If the Bride and Groom choose a Coffee Table Album, but want to give the entire wedding party a copy of the design in a Coffee Table Book, converting from one style to another makes this possible. Conversion fee is a one time $250, for up to 8 additional copies. There is no conversion fee for 9 or more copies.