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Rosh Sillars on Social Media. Well worth the Time and Money

Rosh Sillars breaks down the basics of social media networking and builds from there. As an experienced teacher and a photographer himself he knows the field and how to inspire action. I learned of his talents during the free Joystart your Year webinar series inspired by business guru Sarah Petty. This is a top notch influential series inspiring new ways to spread the love of the photography business, coddle a wonderful client base, and stoke the fire of inspiration.

Rosh Sillars is an invaluable mentor and SEO expert

Rosh Sillars is an invaluable mentor and SEO expert

Rosh Sillars is inspiring to say the least. He makes the Social Media process sound as easy as sending a formatted email, yet he makes it brilliantly clear SM is imperative in today’s business world– it’s worth all the time investment possible, so put it on the calendar. Did I mention putting on the calendar the creation and following of social media as part of your weekly networking?

Take care of your current and future clients by letting them know more about you and your offerings. Seems like old news, but Rosh updates networking methods in an easy to digest form encouraging all to keep up with today’s style of using multiple methods of personal connection. I appreciate his “I will help others” attitude.

While today’s webinar was free and a one time gig, Rosh does sell his beginning and intermediate/ advanced concepts on the Joy of Marketing site. The Joy of Marketing’s Joystart your Year series generously saves me time and money maintaining my public presence.

The series is specific to the photography industry yet I can imagine many segments being helpful to multiple fields, especially those visually focused.

CALL TO ACTION! There is but one more Wednesday to go. JOM is continuing the free, amazing seminars with speakers Jules Bianchi on Weddings, Erin Vorbeck on SEO, and Sarah Petty herself on Branding.
It’s on my calendar!
The times are Central Standard Time. Because I inadvertently missed a few of my favorite speakers including Seattle’s own Bruce and Josh Hudson.

Be Boutique photography forum of the Giants

Be Boutique will flaunt the many advantages of the boutique photography experience. That will be me in the corner gawking, in awe of 5 amazing women in the pro photography circuit- Thanks to Dane Sanders’ inspiring Escalate LIVE.

I’m probably not the only one bursting at the seams to ask so many questions of these immensely successful photos and one sleek-geek wizard. The wizard is none other than THE Julieanne Kost, from Adobe. who I have turned to many a time with PhotoShop design and user questions. She’s the Photoshop tutorial video MAASTA. The lineup of Mega-successful portrait photographers include the renown Vicki Taufer, Lori Nordstrom, Tamara Lackey, Julia Woods, and Kia Bondurant. Because I’m bursting at the seams, and even though I know this is a well rehersed program not at all designed to answer the following questions, I’m hoping to sneak in a few over wine, or dinner, or the bathroom sink.
Here are questions for the powers that be:
1. Resources to help with marketing that don’t cost the earth; i.e. gorgeous blogs, and printed materials.
2. Who, specifically is helping design, write and produce blogs, fliers, album page designs, boxes???
3. Affordable packaging/branding materials (when I’m not sponsored by any companies-yet. Cough)
5. Are those on the panel selling wall portraits, or are small prints ruling the walls and tabletops?
6. Do any sell the originals/digi files (I’m just going to “no” after 5 years of “yes”, but had 20 years of Hassalblad negs that I never sold so I could control the quality of the final product, among 100 other reasons.
7. Projection proofing vs. paper proofs vs. online sites vs. photographer hosted galleries and built in shopping carts.
8. Who exactly helps with the physical (and conceptual) design of these carts?
9. How else are these ladies making their income?, if not too personal a question. Perhaps Self-producing products, partnering with companies, selling videos of techniques or advice, speaker circuits? Perhaps 100% shooting and sales directly related to these sessions?
10. How many hours a week do they put in individually. How many hours per week do staff put in, cumulatively.
11. What do you outsource? Do you double check their work? Who are you using?

I recognize this is late in the game. I’m just asking and hoping for input on the endless curiosities ricocheting in my buzzing, overworked head.
One excited photographer,

Starting a photography Business?

Janet Klinger’s blog will occasionally feature tips and resources for starting a photography business or other small business in Seattle and beyond.
This is an amazing low cost or even free place to start.
1. SCORE Workshops
All Day Workshops (8:00AM – 4:00PM)
* Starting a New Business
Start your business with the right legal, marketing, operations, personnel, insurance and accounting advice. Learn how to finance your product or service, identify key customers and develop a marketing plan.
* Building a Business Plan
Use your marketing and financial data to build a fact-based business plan. Learn proven techniques to generate sales and a positive cash flow.

* Starting and Growing a Consulting Business
Turn your professional expertise and experience into a profitable consulting business. Learn how to work smart, generate business through “word of mouth” referrals.

Half Day Workshops

Janet Klinger’s photo coaching helps you take the next step

Once again, I am offering photography coaching to the serious amateur, aspiring professional, and highly motivated parent. Topics include: photographing people, post processing: now what do I do with these images, and running a photography business.

2010 classes & coaching

YOU are the Portrait Photographer $150/hour ($115 if purchased with any other class/ photo session)
Join Janet for one-on-one personal coaching to become the photographer you’ve always dreamed of. Bring in your favorite subject(s) to model for you. You might choose to include props, outfit changes, inspiring music. Whether choosing a Seattle area location or taking advantage of Janet’s professional photography studio and Learn to love the beauty of North Light, or play with professional strobe equipment. Your camera equipment, or rent Janet’s Canon gear. Come play, explore and learn how to honor your creative side.

Post Processing in Camera Raw (PS CS4)
$195/3 hour session
$225/ 3 one-hour sessions
Now What? You’ve finished your photo session or filled your Flash Card with digital files. Learn how to quickly sort files then make your favorites as beautiful as the professionals. Learn to add drama, increase textures, intensify eyes, bring back lost highlights or shadows, color correct so everything isn’t “amateur orange”, crop for superior composition, apply oft-used settings to all your images, and more. As always you may choose to lead the direction each session explores. Taught by Janet and Staff.

Photo Coaching for Everyone
Personalized encouragement and instruction refining camera function, artistic sensibility, and developing intuition

Perhaps you need to better understand: your camera’s functions, when to use which lens, why images are out of focus, blurry, too dark or light, or how to use flash to enhance natural light.

Maybe you hope to improve your composition, increase your success-to-dud rate, add flair to fine but basic images, and discover consistent methods to intentionally repeat “happy accidents”.

You may be curious what all the fuss is over histograms, lighting ratios, fill flash or reflector use.

Bring up topics and questions, or let Janet use her intuitive instruction to help you electrify your next creative light bulb.

$195/3 hour session
$225/ 3 one-hour sessions

Group of Two or Three People
$275/3 hour session
$295/3 one-hour sessions

Business Coaching for the Up and Coming Professional Photographer
As more people notice your talents, perhaps you’re contemplating, or even diving into, the profession of photography. It’s no wonder. With over 25 years as a pro, I’m still in love with photographs and the people I meet because of my love for this art. Love and enthusiasm, even coupled with talent, does not a photographer make. So what now?

Above all, learn how to get your first professional jobs and what to charge. Remember, unless you get paid, you’re not a professional.

Let’s answer typical questions from those new to the photo biz such as:
Should you advertise, how much to charge, is a CPA necessary, how to keep track of income and pay taxes, utilize typical tax breaks, legal means of deducting travel, organizations to join, the necessity of a business bank account, is taking out a loan ever wise, is it necessary to purchase the latest gear, travel to seminars, give away photography services, get a partner …

This profession may not be for the faint of heart, but for those willing to learn what it takes and apply this knowledge, there may be a meaningful, heart-warming, and rewarding profession beginning with your next CLICK!

$295/3 hour session
$345/ 3 one-hour sessions

Group of Two or Three People
$390/3 hour session
$420/3 one-hour sessions

Mamas with Cameras Teach me a Lesson

I was honored to speak at last nights “Mamas with Cameras” photo club gathering. I was so impressed with these Mamas. More than half have children under two and several with newborns yet they are able to take time for themselves, simultaneously cultivating their creative passion for photography. This caring sisterhood shared ideas and encouraged each other, all while feeding that female-need I know all about for socializing and making new friends. I’m inspired by these motivated mama’s passion. (more…)

Yervant and Joe Buissink sure, but where did Dennis Reggie come from?

These two wild and crazy guys ( yes the Belushi Brothers should come to mind) put on an entertaining and informative show. Joe Buissink and Yervant personify two diverging paths, each an inspired dance down the road to the 5 star hotel called Success.

Yervant likes to be in control both during shooting, and then again during the PhotoShop “finishing” of his vision. Creating images is so important to Yervant, he does not cover the reception where it makes sense for events to unfold naturally.

Joe prefers his hired “main” shooter to be in control of posed groups while Joe shoots from a quiet, playful place behind the scenes. He only gives a set of proofs at the end of the day. I love the idea that he rewards his brides for collecting orders from family and friends by adding extra images to the album for each $1000 collected. Talk about a great win-win. I also love the Day-of-wedding Parent Gift. Before the wedding the bride & groom purchase a wall portrait, usually for a parent or two, to be delivered during the wedding reception. After shooting “formals” an image is sent to his studio to be printed, matted and framed, then is delivered to an ecstatic parent while still enjoying the wedding reception.

Joe “assisting” Yervant by holding a video spot light.

I call this a “show” because they each performed leaving little time for the initially encouraged “Ask us. We’re here for you.” Still much was covered, and well worth the investment of $200.

Added bonus was the company of a couple of my favorite photographers : Susie Hamidi and Sharlane Chase. After a full day we went to Tom Douglas’ inspired Palace Kitchen for dinner. Who do I spot in the window but this Dennis Reggie-alike. Embarrassed but willing, Susie and Sharlane accompanied me to get our picture taken with him. This photo was taken by his dinner companion. Thanks to you both. You made our day.

Janet Klinger, “Dennis Reggie”, Sharlane Chase & Susie Hamidi. (Notice Joe Buissink-alike serving drinks in the background.)

Keeping up the Blogging Rhythm. How Does Matt Adcock Do It?

I am awed by photographers who, despite living full, successful lives, somehow find time to post blog entries regularly. I’m talking great blog entries.
Being swamped with weddings, portraits, hiring a new studio manager, training a new intern, designing a new logo/website, and trying to see my husband, and of course my 3 year old daughter before she graduates high school, I’m falling behind in blog posts. Many are written, but the photos are at the studio. I never seem to be able to select and prepare images. When at work, well, I want to work.
How are you successful people managing to fit “it all” in?! For an example of excellent blogging style and content, check out the strobe master, Matt Adcock’s Flash Flavor. He’s an expert at off camera, portable flash lighting for weddings, and details down to the bolts “how to”. Thank you Matt. But what I really want to know is, how do you make the time?

The Strobist is David Hobby’s informative free on-line “lighting workshop”, and a can’t-miss site. David will also be coming to Seattle in August to do some in-person lighting workshops

Jonathon Ross Rocks. And Sticks and Stones

Last night a spy was in our midst. As if Jonathon’s presentation wasn’t stimulating enough.

Not only is Jonathon Ross of Andersen Ross a hugely talented photographer and business person, his fast past, energetic speaking style and his generosity in crediting his entire team had me admiring him all the more.

Some ideas for people/lifestyle stock shoots:

*Cast calls include FIRST a signed model release. Then photos taken have dual purpose: remembering the model and increasing your stock portfolio with each click.

* Find out each models profession, hobbies, lifestyle so they can provide props. This helps with inspiration, and keeps costs to a minimum. Do they have a suit, a musical instrument, chef hat, surgeons mask, ballet slippers? Do they own a fabulous or funky house/car/bike/etc? “Can we include them?” (Don’t forget those property releases for the bigger items!)

*Have additional props and clothes on hand for cast calls as well as arranged sessions including “classic” clothing in a variety of sizes.

*Models might include friends, family, and anyone you meet.

* Models come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and levels of attractiveness. No surprise though; Attractive still sells best!

* Advertise your need for models in places frequented by the people you want. Health clubs are great for finding fit models. Post an ad on the club board.

*Have Errors and Omissions Insurance

*Producers are hugely important. They can help with the following:

A) Collecting signed model releases from models, locations, and property including homes, boats, art.

B) Arranges access to locations and gets signed releases, pays fees.

C) Buys or collects props for shoots, covers identifiable branding, keeps photographer abreast of shot list and model’s schedule.

*Don’t stop shooting what you love, but figure out what brings in the most dollars. Then you can make an informed choice about the cost of producing different types of sessions, and what you’re priorities are. You can shoot what you want when you retire (early!).

So here’s Jonathon, Mr Diversity himself. He’s represented at the big agencies , having toes in rights managed, royalty free, and his own stock agency, Blend Images. Reluctantly, he is currently researching the implications of the micro-stock agencies. (Andersen-Ross has no plans to enter the micro stock market.) Having shared this with a sigh and slightly shaking head, we were all shaken when up pops a momentarily sheepish (but ultimately articulate) Chad Bridwell. “I’m with one of “those” micro stock agencies”, Chad states a bit nervously, as if anticipating the pounce of a group of 30. Still physically intact and building confidence, he explains the positive side of receiving $1 per image. $1 thirty times in a month is still $30. The “big boys” with fotolia are making “big bucks”. Really? I felt like I was having Déjà vu. Eight to ten years ago at an ASMP presentation we were comparing royalty free vs. traditional rights managed stock agencies. Jonathon was then in Chad’s shoes, feeling perhaps like the outcast “bad guy” who was challenging tradition. Jonathon represented the guy making “big bucks” which was believed to be a far cry from what the traditional stock shooters were making. You don’t hear Jonathon complaining, but he’s watching this downward trend closely, and isn’t joining the micro stock set anytime soon.

What seems clear is that Micro Stock is here to stay, at least in some form. While there may be dramatic erosion of principal now, having one more way to create income can’t be all bad, at least for hobbiests. And diversity of income source is Good. On a personal note, I see opportunity here, yet I see long term returns moving downward perhaps leaving only the agency owners able to make a living. (Without having a second job, that is.) I am certainly tempted by the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” chorus. Photography in all it’s forms is still a fun and exciting job to have. Hey, I used to house clean. TALK about a tough job! But for now, I’d rather be a professional photographer and clean on the side, than the other way around. ;-) I’m sticking with rights managed and a royalty free until I know more about this threatening trend. Thanks Jonathon, for both your talk, and your follow-up e-mails to clarify your current perspective.

Jonathon sharing 110 selects from an all day shoot. All were great, attesting to his huge success.

Dum dum dum duuuuuummmm. Talk about a serious moment. When Chad said he was with “one of THOSE micro stock agencies” of which Jonathon spoke, a tense hush filled the studio… But sadly, with camera at the ready, no fist fighting broke out. ;-) They probably wouldn’t have signed a release anyway.

But Chad’s honest, thoughtful presentation of fotolia had us all breathing a sigh of relief. Jonathon and Chad proceeded to have an intelligent, if initially tense conversation from which we all benefited. These bonus moments keep life interesting, and our minds expanding. Kudos to both J and C for keeping guards down and minds open.

Counting the many pre-planned ideas Jonathon uses for one shoot. Before he begins the session he has a list often including the angle and lens choice. Improved efficiency keeps costs down and variety up. (No model release needed for this shot!)

Hey Jonathon, do I need a model release for the profile shot? I guess really I should be asking Chris Bowden and Amanda Ringstad, the Profilers themselves.

The pretty gal in the green is Mardee Austin. I feel even luckier than usual. She’s agreed to become a part of the Janet Klinger Photo Team. With a degree in marketing, and a warm, caring way with people, Mardee joins us April 9th as our client liaison and marketing maven. I’m SO excited and honored to have Mardee on board!

Stock Photography with Jonathon Ross

Are you wondering what to do, or not to do, with your stunning portraits, art or wedding photos? If you haven ’t been to a stock seminar in the last year, times have changed. Hear how stock is being created, marketed, and paid for in today’s market.

Join us in welcoming (and milking!) Jonathon Ross of Andersen Ross Photography. Jonathon is part-owner of the Blend Images cooperative stock agency, an ethnic diversity based lifestyle imagery specialist agency. Jonathon is also represented by Getty, Jupiter, Corbis, Alamy (and a multitude of other) stock agencies. A generous speaker, he will share his thoughts on the changing and growing market of Stock Photography. Jonathon is experienced with all of the recent phases of the business including participating in rights managed, royalty free, assignment stock, owning a stock agency and hiring shooters himself. If you are interested in learning more about stock photography, don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Who: Professional photographers
Date: Once you RSVP. But know it’s very SOON!
Time: 6:30 Potluck. Yum yum.
6:45 Jeff LaPlante presents PUG news (Pictage Users Group). Non-members welcome!
7:15 Jonathon presents
Location: Janet Klinger Photography. Address provided to those who RSVP.
Cost: Free

RSVP: (limited to the first 40 who RSVP)

Photograph your own Children

I’ve taught parents for years how to photograph children, but since becoming a mom I’ve had to prioritize. My goal is to begin photo seminars again next Spring, so stay tuned. For the time being, I have two things I can offer.
1) I’ve been answering your photo questions via e-mail and phone. Now I’ll post tips occasionally on this blog. Look under category Mom and Dad Resources- Photography Tips.

2) Me Ra Koh has begun teaching “A Childs Life” class in Tacoma. Her workshop is more an all weekend intensive specifically designed for moms. Sounds Fabulous! I might join the fun one of these sessions!