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Robert (Bob) Rohleder Swims with the Big Fish

My father-in-law is awesome. Not only does he spawn great kids, he spawns fish themselves. His wood carvings of fish in their environments have always astounded me with the minute detail and true-to-life subtle hues.
Now Bob has been recognized by the Courier Journal. Perhaps you’ll meet Bob Rohleder on an autograph tour.

Tim Rohleder's dad has talent himself. Intricate woodcarving of fish in their environments

Bob Rohleder with one of his many fish carvings. Each glistens in subtle hues. Photo by Pam Spaulding of The Courier Journal

Event Coordinators Worth Every Penny!

Tis the season of the wedding coordinator. Recently working with each, I LOVE IT when people choose to work with the best! I’ve worked with all (except the impressive Yolanda) for years.
In Seattle, the extremely experienced, save-the-day impressive Merry Beth Turpin of Aisle of View,
At your complete service, more than you expected, fun to be with, Janel Schlitt of Occasions LLC
The soft spoken yet makes-it-happen, adorable Melissa Parker of Amazing Events
Near Bellingham, Intuitive, spectacular details adorning, subtle, Anne Rasmussen-True Bliss Events, LLC and
Ms accommodating, last-second changes are no problem, it’s your day, Yolanda Haley from Dallas Texas-

The AIA recognizes my hubby, Tim Rohleder, and crew

Proud spouses frequently share their partners successes, and I simply can’t help myself. Tim’s architectural firm, Rohleder Borges, was included alongside the “big boys” in NW architecture.
Amanda Reed on WorldChanging wrote “…the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Seattle Committee on the Environment hosted a public presentation of the top eleven projects in the running for the 2010 What Makes it GREEN? Top Ten Regional Green Awards,

Highline Heratage Museum by Rohleder Borges Architecture

Rohleder Borges Architecture, along with the citizens of Burien, were honored when the Highline Heritage Museum stood tall among other creative winning projects; 9 designed by (seemingly) giant firms.
Amanda shared, “The Highline project also provided the most feel-good moment of the afternoon. “
(Bold is mine, the proud spouse.)

Vote for which project you think is the most “green” in the People’s Choice Award category here.

Read the entire article.

Robin Layton’s Art Show Sizzles (Or so I imagine)

Woe is me. I MISSED it. Tucked in with too many emails was an invitation to Robin Layton’s one-night-only art show. She superbly blends modern photography with hand chosen relics. Empowered with inspiring energy, wit and an appeal all her own, Robin pushes the display envelope blending photographic moments-in-time into, on top of, or around period based decor. Keep an eye out for more from Robin Layton Works,(I know I will) or simply purchase her creations!
See you at the next opening.

Babes of Newcastle

Golf Club at Newcastle is renown for it’s expansive views and brilliant sunsets. Utterly professional are the women who support lucky couples who choose this amazing venue. After an hour with the GCN crew it’s easy to love the glam-gone-giddy side of the otherwise professional Babes of Newcastle.

Tonhya photographed this lovely group in the JKP studio during our last “Happy Hour Special”. See. Don’t they look happy? Tonhya did a great job capturing their playful side.

Keep watching the blog or sign up for RSS. We have another “Happy Hour” planned for the near future…



Blog Blues? Generosity Helps the Weary

Blogging eats time. Writing, image selection and photo prep are basics. I ache to have something pretty (well gorgeous actually), functional yet personable and still get to work with my awesome clients from time to time. Help is on the way. At least with the “pretty” part.
Jennifer Apple at Photoshop support shares concepts on design, functionality and links for templates & add-ons. Finally we have a favicon thanks to her clear simple explanation (and my Can-do staff person, Jane Patterson!).

Through Jennifer I discovered a link to the site of helpful God of the Blogging Universe, Paul Stamatiou. After hours of reading (Burp- scuze me!) you realize that this man is smart and enormously generous with his knowledge. Paul, if I ever meet you in person, forgive the bear hug.

Paul helps encourage “lurkers” to come forward to mutual benefit. (I’ll reveal Myself when I get some more TIME!) As suggested, we’re now registered with Technorati and are building our own Ping Configuration page.

I’ll stop here. Needless to say, the time-saving is all relative. Getting referred to these sites saved time in research. My time was spent reading high quality, relevant information presented simply. Gads. Look what time it is…

Seattle Model Nick Skinner. Our Most Valuble Player

Nick Skinner not only looks great in photographs, his helpful, thoughtful personality earns him Most Valuable Player for the fashion Infusion sessions. Nick not only worked long hours, but carried dry wall, closed dirty freight elevator gates, rearranged furniture, and was on board to help in any way he could “to make the sessions go smoothly”. I didn’t ask for any of this. Nick took these tasks upon himself. Attitude looks great. Attitude works great! Thank you Nick, for exceeding the call of duty!

To see his portfolio, visit #376372 on Model Mayhem

The location for this series of photos is Pravda Studios on Capital Hill. They bent over backwards for us.

Hair and makeup by Tiara’s on Location. She is a Tiara of all trades. Hair, makeup, styling dress details, accessory ideas, and a great sense of humor too!

Nick in a Tux Shop tux

Dress from Luly Yang. Ring from Greenlake Jewelry Works. This was everyone’s favorite ring!

Look at those blue eyes! Oh, and the gorgeous dress is from Luly Yang Couture. The suit is Nick’s own.

The New James Bond. Nick gets my vote. The tux, as always, from The Tux Shop

There Once Was a Crazy New Mom, Who Now Sees the Bright Light of Dawn

The search for child care for Ellie escalated a long cycle of chaos that had engulfed my life since pre-conception. (More later on fertility issues.)

When Ellie was merely 6 weeks old, my do-it-all former Studio Manager, Francie, left JKP and is now traveling the world. I had planned to take maternity leave for one month, and 3 more months with a highly-reduced shooting schedule. Ahh, the best laid plans.

Covering shoots for two people and caring for current and potential clients was only the beginning. I also spent time writing new employee ads, posting them, interviewing, all while pumping breast milk (while talking on the phone to clients! “What’s that sound”). Twice per day Kathy brought Ellie to the studio, or Tim brought Elle to longer shoots for breast feeding.

Meanwhile I was in the midst of going 90% digital, (I can’t give up my Hasselblad!) and being forced to find a new photo lab. I was climbing the steep digital and PhotoShop learning curve and researching new processes, products and labs, when I made the crazy but inevitable decision to buy new gear and computers. I usually find new gear exploration fun and exciting. But this time, sleep deprivation and craving to spend more time with Ellie exacerbated my stressed system resulting in– you guessed it: an abstract painting of utter CHAOS!

Thank goodness for First Weeks. In addition to the soothing environment, I found our babysitter, Kathy, when her sister-in-law brought her to a First Weeks meeting. (More on First Weeks and Ann Keepler to come). I saw Kathy across the room, read her body language and thankfully trusted my first instincts (though I did check references!). Kathy helped me spot the bright light of dawn, and provided a welcomed sense of calm. She’s been with us ever since July of ’04.

You’re the best, Kathy!

Never Be Geek-Free Again

I have to sing the praises of Jane Patterson. While she and I have worked together only a couple of years, she all but runs my business. You have a question? Ask Jane. Need an honest, intelligent opinion? Jane. Have a project with a short deadline? Jane. Jane is Smart. She can figure out most anything. She’s thoughtful, nurturing, honest (and tactful!). Best of all Jane has a fabulous geek-streak. She’s gotten me up to speed in the digital realm and continues to feed her own insatiable appetite for Art and Technology.

She’s in the midst of taking a workshop with David Julian at Luminous Works, and I can’t wait to see her ever-awesome results.

I tell Jane how much I appreciate her several times each week, but no matter. I can’t say it enough. JANE PATTERSON, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! The world should know. (Or at least my Dad, who may be the only person reading this. Love you, Dad.)