Use your cell phone if you just want a few basic photos. Yet, if you are invested in a professional photographer, it’s likely you want something special. Besides the obvious difference years of experience and top gear make, planning adds professional to your family portrait.

Here are a few portrait planning essentials that will let you relax and get the best images.Brother and siter wrestle and hug during in-home portrait session

During the complimentary Family Portrait Photography Planning Session, 

  • Plan the portrait session time when subjects are at their best: well fed and rested, and that works best for all ages! However tempting after school and work hours may be, is that really a good time for your family to be captured?
  • Share scheduling restraints (Mom leaves for work at 11:00 yet Grandma can’t arrive until 10:45…)

Family portraits with Janet Klinger allow you to be authentically you!

  •  If anyone has a special talent or right of passage to celebrate, or navigates a  disability, temperament, or illness that may affect mobility or engagement others in the image, talk with me about strategies in the Photography Planning Session. We all have strengths to highlight and weaknesses to navigate.
  • Location Selection? Sharing special relationships and interests leads to the most insightful images, AND these tidbits help narrow down to your ideal family portrait location.

Enjoying time with family during Seattle family portrait session


  • Besides the experience, what would you like to end up with? Do you already know you want a wall collection, a single image framed, an album, or a box of matted images along side an easel to display them? Let me know. If a single image above a piano is desired, the ideal shooting methods are different than successfully photographing for a Mini-Art Book, displaying a collection of palm sized images. Most sessions include a variety of techniques, but emphasizing the ideal is what we aim for.

All this planning only takes 15-45 minutes, and results in Happy Clients!

My goal is You as Happy Client!

Let’s plan your family portrait session

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Planning a photography session with your younger children? Have a fabulous and successful session by following a few tips before the photography session.

Portrait sessions can get messy. Heatther Pearce and Phil Campbell are well prepared for their toddlers outdoor photography session with Janet Klinger. Messy + Fun = Success!

It’s fun to get dirty. Best to come prepared for your outdoor toddler photography session.

Two Days in advance to Photography Session:

  • You may find it helpful to coordinate and layout outfits, and pack spare clothing just in case dirt happens.

One night before:

  • Pack your toy bag and prepare snacks

Blast off:

  • On session day, allow the kids to wake, eat, play as normal. Keep hustling to a minimum unless that IS the norm.
  • Wear your first outfit to the session, covered by an additional shirt for little ones.
  • Keep snacks fresh, small portions, and nutritious (think banana slices!). Avoid sticky or colors that might stain the skin.
  • Bring favorite music. One selection for energizing children, and one for soothing children (an especially soothing for parents). (Indoor locations only.)
  • If including a favorite toy, aim for less colorful choices.

I look forward to seeing and playing with you soon!

The weather is warm! If you haven’t yet booked your session, contact Janet.

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