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Upcoming Life Events & Specials: Gina Alexander at Janet Klinger’s

Holiday excitement is in the air, both for my family at home, and for my family at the studio. Excitement beingView full post »

Ummm, Ummelina!

Granted, my first impression was tainted. I rushed full boar to get to Ummelina International Day Spa. Hurry up andView full post »

Baby Sweat + Daddy and Mommy Sweat = Puddle of Agressive then Tender Love

Ellie has asthma: diagnosed by desparate attempts to barely inhale air into lungs. Horrified parents “help”View full post »

4th of July. Proud Democrat and her dog.

Ellie with Martha on our porch. We were dog sitting for our good buds, Margaret & Scott Bright. Ellie lovedView full post »

The Phinney Farmers Market Feeds Me Inside and Out

Finally. It opened tonight!!! Like a child I’ve been awaiting the opening of the new Phinney Farmers Market,View full post »

Washington State Beaches, Betsy and Kim’s Moclips Cabin

Betsy and I have been great friends for about 15 years. (She’s the kind of person who can tell you the day weView full post »

Easter Eggs Hunt at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo

We live one minute from the zoo, so it was an easy decision to go have fun with thousands of other bambinos yesterdayView full post »

Rain Rain Go Away, But not ye old faithful Canon Camera and Lenses

Every photographer or hobbiest who buys new camera gear makes a decision. What to do with the old and replaced. I useView full post »

Capture Precious End of Life. Soulumination

Life sure can throw a powerful curve ball leaving us helpless and woeful. Such were my feeling when loosing my sisterView full post »