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Now filled-Internship Available at Janet Klinger Photography

The intenship was awarded to Jonah Rondon who is an artist in her own right. Check out her 3 webites

I’m so happy to have Jonah with us for at least the next two months.

Robin Layton’s Art Show Sizzles (Or so I imagine)

Woe is me. I MISSED it. Tucked in with too many emails was an invitation to Robin Layton’s one-night-only art show. She superbly blends modern photography with hand chosen relics. Empowered with inspiring energy, wit and an appeal all her own, Robin pushes the display envelope blending photographic moments-in-time into, on top of, or around period based decor. Keep an eye out for more from Robin Layton Works,(I know I will) or simply purchase her creations!
See you at the next opening.

Best of Western Washington and Urban Unveiled

Voting has started for King 5 Evening Magazine’s “Best of Western Washington”. Why not help let everyone know YOUR choice of the best Wedding Vendors. Naturally we would be HONORED to have your vote! It only takes a minute to vote! (more…)

Babes of Newcastle

Golf Club at Newcastle is renown for it’s expansive views and brilliant sunsets. Utterly professional are the women who support lucky couples who choose this amazing venue. After an hour with the GCN crew it’s easy to love the glam-gone-giddy side of the otherwise professional Babes of Newcastle.

Tonhya photographed this lovely group in the JKP studio during our last “Happy Hour Special”. See. Don’t they look happy? Tonhya did a great job capturing their playful side.

Keep watching the blog or sign up for RSS. We have another “Happy Hour” planned for the near future…



New! HAPPY HOUR at Janet Klinger Photography

Due to the huge popularity of these sessions, June 30th will be our final session date

Come to our studio during Happy Hour for your FREE photo session!

Sharlane is Officially an Associate Photographer. Talk about Win-Win

Announcing the fabulous Sharlane

The impression that Associate Photographers are “less than” simply isn’t true at Janet Klinger Photography. The ever popular Sharlane Chase has come on board as a Featured Photographer. Together we have formed a win-win relationship. The first part was easy for me: choosing to pursue Sharlane as an Associate. Ever since meeting her, I have been impressed with Sharlane’s positive, creative energy. I fell in love with her work for it’s natural, playful, yet somehow classic style; exactly the same qualities that shine in Sharlane herself. If you are lucky enough to secure Sharlane for wedding photography, you’ll find someone who is passionate about creating something unique just for you. Not only is this inspiring for Sharlane’s clients, but for Sharlane herself. Finding the differences, enhancing the traditions in each wedding, Sharlane remains inspired as an artist, year after wonderful year.

So why would Sharlane, a popular, highly skilled, much published photographer want a Associate relationship? (more…)

King 5 TV Evening Magazine- Best Photographer

We’re Nominated! King 5 TV Evening Magazine lists Janet Klinger Photography for “Best Wedding Photographer in Western Washington”! We’re thrilled to be included as a nominee in their 16th annual “Best of Western Washington” contest.

Voting ends Monday, October 13th. King 5 is encouraging us to reach out to our colleagues and clients to participate in the process.

If you would like to, we’d be honored to receive your vote and perhaps even a review of our work.

Vote here! Then simply press the yellow “Vote” button.

Best of Western Washington Nominated: Best Photographer in Seattle

Top Fifteen List: What Every Photo Assistant or Second Shooter Knows

Whether you shoot weddings, mitzvahs, or corporate events, working as a photo team has advantages. Since 1991 I wouldn’t consider working an event without an additional photographer. While the biggest benefit is having a second set of eyes to capture moments I might not see myself, or to cover a second location simultaneously, the advantages are many. However, before asking these more advanced responsibilities of team members, I like to make sure the basics are covered.

Here is my Top Fifteen “What every Photography Assistant and Shooter Knows” list I like all members of the JKP team to know from day one, helping keep not only the event running smoothly, but the post production time to a minimum.

  1. Sync your camera Date/Time with the Primary Photographer’s camera before the event.
  2. Count all pieces of gear before and after the event, including notating the number of CF cards. Put the numbers list in the “exposed CF cards” bag.
  3. Only shoot macro close-ups at an aperture of 4.0 or less if you are on a tripod or are at a shutter speed of 1/125 of faster. (It helps to take off the heavy camera bag.)
  4. Unless it is incredibly bright so that you are unable to get your desired aperture, you are usually better off shooting at ISO 400 than 100 (here in the great NW).
  5. Unless you are going for a motion effect, or are capturing ambient light in a dark space, please shoot at a shutter speed of 1/45th of a second or faster. If using a long lens, your shutter should be at least as fast as your longest lens capability until you know you can succeed otherwise. Example: if shooting a 24-70mm use a minimum shutter speed of 1/80. If a 70-200mm use a minimum shutter speed of 1/200.
  6. Do not exceed ISO 1000 on Canon 40D and “below”. If you must choose a higher ISO, use the custom function “reduce noise”. Triple check your exposure when shooting in low light to avoid noise.
  7. Everybody blinks. Shoot at least the number of subjects plus one, up to a max of eight exposures. 2 people= 3 exposures minimum, 5 people=6 exposure minimum, but 8 people=8 exposures.
  8. Group shots (6 or more people, or 2 rows +) require a minimum aperture of 5.6 unless using a 20mm or wider angle lens where 4.0 is fine. (Obviously you can play with small depth of field making one or two people stand out, but don’t let this art shot be the only variation of a group.)
  9. If shooting over the main shooters shoulder, use a radically different lens or your image will probably get rejected as a similar.
  10. Use manual exposure when shooting against a window, large doorway, bright sky, or other back lit situation. In a pinch, simply stay on auto, set to over expose by 1-2 stops depending on the desired effect and amount of back light present. Work on checking exposure regularly to avoid forgetting to reset exposure.
  11. Check your histogram at least once every new lighting situation to be sure you are capturing appropriate highlights and shadows. This is much more trustworthy exposure check than your preview.
  12. To capture someone walking towards you, choose a shutter speed of 1/125 or faster, Al Servo mode, “all” focus points, and I prefer one shot mode for regular speed walking to select “the moment”, and a fast motor wind for a hustle walk, run or jump in combo with a shutter 1/250 or faster.
  13. Download CF cards to portable drive as soon as full.
  14. Keep CF cards/film on your person at ALL times, even when we shoot out of state weddings and hike, dine, or partake in other adventures. (Water related events we choose a third party to entrust with cards until we are safe and dry.)
  15. While downloading to a portable drive immediately gives us a second copy of all images created, this is not a fool-proof system and therefore does not replace downloading each and every CF card individually to the main production hard-drive immediately upon arriving at the studio.

Now for the fun part- Let’s go shoot!

Seattle Bride’s Best Photographer. Me?!!! (Best Wedding Vendors 2008)

I am thrilled and honored that the Readers of Seattle Bride voted me, Janet Klinger, the “Best Photographer 2008″. THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart. Granted it was a TIE, but according to Ali Basye (the Editor of Seattle Bride) we split the largest number of votes ever cast in a tie. Spreading the love.

The fabulously talented J Garner won Best Photographer in the “Vendors Choice” category along with his wife, Katarina. These two are not only incredibly talented, but industrious, personable, and business savvy. Hmmm. Wait. Don’t hire them. Hire me! After all, this is MY blog.
Janet Klinger laughing on winning the Seattle Bride Best Photographer 2008 Reader's Choice
Other Winning Vendors (A partial list as it’s late. Purchase the latest edition of Seattle Bride for details.)

True Color Events: Best Wedding Planner AND Day-of-Wedding Planner. Vendors’ Choice.
Aisle of View: Best Wedding Planner AND Day-of-Wedding Planner AND ALL AROUND BEST WEDDING VENDOR. Readers’ Choice. Go Merry Beth!!!
Luly Yang Couture: Best Custom Dress Designer AND Best Bridal Accessories. Readers’ Choice.
Luly Yang Couture: Best Custom Dress Designer AND Best Dress Shop. Vendors’ Choice.
Golf Club At Newcastle: Best Location for a Sunset Wedding. Readers’ Choice.
Flora Nova: Best Florist. Vendors’ Choice. (She’s all over this blog. Do a search!)
Aria Style: Best Florist. Readers’ Choice.
Moms, Maids and More: Best Mother-of-the-Bride Apparel AND Flower Girl Dresses. Vendors’ Choice AND Readers’ Choice.
E.E. Robbins, The Engagement Ring Store: Engagement/Wedding Rings. Vendors’ Choice.
The Healthy Bride: Bridal Fitness Plan. (I work out with her too, but I’m a healthy “Goddess”, not bride.)
The Michael Benson Band: Best Live Band/Entertainment. Vendors’ Choice AND Readers’ Choice.
Wave Link Music: Best DJ for the Reception. Vendors’ Choice.
Hotel 1000: Best Hotel for Guests. Vendors’ Choice.
A Heavenly Ceremony: Best Officiant/Clergy. Readers’ Choice.
Fairmont Olympic Hotel: Best Quintessential Seattle-Area Reception Site. Readers’ Choice.

Anyone notice anything in common? Nearly all of these vendors have been featured on Janet Klinger’s Photography Blog. Love to say I told you so. For more Wedding Vendors we adore, choose the “Vendor” category on the right.

We’re looking for a wedding photo assistant

Janet needs a nurturing assistant who really CARES that the client gets fabulous coverage. The ideal person is on the lookout for ways to help the photography go smoothly and the client to feel calm and confident. A multi-tasker needed to help shoot, set up lighting, handhold supplemental lighting, track request lists, handle gear and be VERY strong to carry heavy bags for hours at a time. Mostly weekends with occasional weekday/evening.

1+ years event and/or portrait shooting experience required. Please note that while there is some shooting involved, all images and their copyright remain with Janet Klinger Photography and are unavailable for use in your collection of images.

Please provide resume, cover letter and link to online portfolio in an email to