meet Janet

It all started with a gift: A Kodak Pocket Ten from my photo-loving dad.

As a six-year old, it took only a day to discover how often doors will open with a camera at your side. People share their stories. They invite you to join in adventures. Suddenly, the world seems like a bigger place. And I was hooked on opportunities to explore the lives of all who passed before my lens. In just moments, someone formerly a stranger could become a new friend. Amazing!

That same sense of fun and fascination is still as fresh and exciting to me as it was during my childhood. In fact the longer I’ve lived, the more I’ve come to value those fleeting instants, and the effect that a photo can have on emotions and memory.

As a photographer, I help others to capture beautiful and important life moments. I do this with great inner satisfaction. Especially as I turn the pages of my own albums and meditate on the faces of people and places that hold meaning in my life: My beautiful daughter Ellie as she runs toward me with her arms outstretched; my husband Tim looking up from the Sunday paper with a smile; my sweet sister Lily and my mother Kit in a happier time before I lost them both to cancer. Knowing how much my personal photos and their connected memories mean to me, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to present others with their own collections to enjoy.

Photographing people is my passion, my focus and my life’s joyful work.

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