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Second Grader suddenly loads dishwasher, and other wonders of aging

I love my 2nd grader so much!

JanetKlingerPhoto_Count down to 2nd Grade


Community Focus Starts at School

Our family uses the we word often. As in “We are in first grade”. As many parents do, we spend time at Meridian School, volunteering, arranging classmate play-dates and best of all, socializing with parents. Here are a few photos from our hors d’oeuvres and wine gathering at my studio just prior to the Meridian School Auction.

JanetKlingerPhoto_Sarah Sandford Meridian School Mom


JanetKlingerPhoto_Erane Myint, Meridian School Mom


JanetKlingerPhoto_Adrian Cunard Meridian School Mom


JanetKlingerPhoto_Tenley Prince Meridian Mom


JanetKlingerPhoto_Emily Bennett Meridian School Mom

Adorable Phinney Ridge House for Rent.

Home for rent on top of popular Phinney Ridge, by Greenlake - avail Feb 1

Come rent our sweet Seattle bungalow

The Meridian School- Is this the School for You Too?

After much contemplation and unanticipated angst choosing a grade school, my husband and I finally chose The Meridian School for our daughter (in 2009). The angst was not caused by Meridian School- we felt immediately comfortable with administration and the parents who warmly welcomed us. The angst was our own; a result of many fine private schools to choose from. (See this past post for a few others great Seattle private school choices.) Saddened by the transitions and chaos (at least during 2009 and 2010) within the Seattle public school system, private school seemed the obvious choice. Sixteen kids per class and academic/ social-emotional focus being equally addressed at Meridian continue to be obvious, if presumptive, advantages.

Meridian students learning math using sets

No-- gambling isn't a part of Meridian's curriculum!

Meridian continues to receive our vote of confidence.
Who might not be best served by Meridian? In my non-expert ( read NON-EXPERT) opinion, Meridian has many socially adjusted kids who range academically from perhaps average up to very high achievers. If tests indicate your child falls at the tippy-top of the 99th percentile, and/or if social impairments are dramatic, schools such as Seattle Country Day, Evergreen, and in the downtown or North ends, Lowell Public School may be a better fit. In downtown and South end, Public School Thurgood Marshall has an excellent academic reputation.
Here are a few moments illustrating life at Meridian School in Seattle including our wonderful park campus and community service focus. Here for more photos, including Community Service Day.

As fun as Meridian School is, Kids must wear shoes!

As fun as Meridian School is, Kids must wear shoes! Parents are nearby.

Janet Klinger_PE teacher Regis leads the pack in Meridian School's adjacent park

Janet Klinger_ Meridian School puts emphasis on building community

Meridian School puts emphasis on building community

Janet Klinger_ Pure joy at Meridian School's adjacent Park

Pure joy at Meridian School's adjacent Park

Meridian School Playground

Janet Klinger_Meridian School Playground

Janet Klinger_Even Meridian School Playground hints at school-wide Spanish emphasis

Meridian School Playground hints at Spanish emphasis

Janet Klinger_Meridian School Playground

Janet Klinger_It's nice to know Meridian Kids are in good hands at the Good Shepherd Center

It's nice to know Meridian Kids are in good hands at the Good Shepherd Center

Janet Klinger_Kindergarten success! A moment at Meridian School

Janet Klinger_Meridian School kindergarteners team up for a math game

Janet Klinger_Meridian School's self-proclaimed "reading maniacs".

Janet Klinger_Ms Saheed acknowledges each child individually

Janet Klinger_One Meridian School "reading maniac" seeks his "just right" book

Janet Klinger_ Meridian School kindergarteners begin by learning math patterns

Janet Klinger_ Meridian School attentive first graders

Janet Klinger_ Meridian School-- full of unique individuals!

Janet Klinger_Seattle Tilth makes Meridian School grounds even more interesting

Sharing a building with Seattle Tilth has lovely advantages

We knew Meridian was for us after visiting the classrooms. There we found attentive students expressing themselves and turning towards each other to give and receive support.

If you have an impression of Meridian School, or any other Seattle school, please add your voice. For other voices search the blog for “Meridian”.

Robert (Bob) Rohleder Swims with the Big Fish

My father-in-law is awesome. Not only does he spawn great kids, he spawns fish themselves. His wood carvings of fish in their environments have always astounded me with the minute detail and true-to-life subtle hues.
Now Bob has been recognized by the Courier Journal. Perhaps you’ll meet Bob Rohleder on an autograph tour.

Tim Rohleder's dad has talent himself. Intricate woodcarving of fish in their environments

Bob Rohleder with one of his many fish carvings. Each glistens in subtle hues. Photo by Pam Spaulding of The Courier Journal

Celebrating 4th of July with face painting.

Wishing everyone, worldwide, a happy 4th of July, and a special encouragement to those who today continue to seek independence, whether for country, gender, or state-of-mind.

Child celebrates 4th of July with Red, white and blue face painting, and 2 missing front teeth

American Flag face painting. Ellie wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July

The AIA recognizes my hubby, Tim Rohleder, and crew

Proud spouses frequently share their partners successes, and I simply can’t help myself. Tim’s architectural firm, Rohleder Borges, was included alongside the “big boys” in NW architecture.
Amanda Reed on WorldChanging wrote “…the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Seattle Committee on the Environment hosted a public presentation of the top eleven projects in the running for the 2010 What Makes it GREEN? Top Ten Regional Green Awards,

Highline Heratage Museum by Rohleder Borges Architecture

Rohleder Borges Architecture, along with the citizens of Burien, were honored when the Highline Heritage Museum stood tall among other creative winning projects; 9 designed by (seemingly) giant firms.
Amanda shared, “The Highline project also provided the most feel-good moment of the afternoon. “
(Bold is mine, the proud spouse.)

Vote for which project you think is the most “green” in the People’s Choice Award category here.

Read the entire article.

Alfred Klinger: WWII Vet, Peace Activist and Avid Biker

My dad has a lust for life at 83 to inspire and often amuse all those around him. Formerly I dedicated a post to him including a slideshow that depicts his life post medical school.

American Public Media just ran a radio interview with Dad about his European bicycle trip. At 78 Dad returned to a bridge where army friends were killed in an ambush during World War II. His story was all news to me, since he never talked about the war, only saying wars are horrible and to be avoided if at all humanly possible. Once a patriotic 17 year old he was inspired to serve his country, the United States of America. On his bicycle trip at age 78, Dad was able to finally care for a 60 year old wound.

If you visit the program, find the “listen now” link at the bottom of the page. Dad’s portion is the first 20 minutes.

Hugs, Dad. I’m so proud of you!

3rd Annual Soulumination Artists’ Holiday Sale

Come get your holiday shopping under way and support an amazing cause at the same time; Janet is one of the Soulumination photographers

Palin’s a Pain-in… If only it ended there.

I have loved Alaska since my first visit there about 20 Years ago. Arriving aboard a ferry along with numerous other budget conscious adventurers, I camped in my tent on the back deck never wanting to miss a moment of beauty, weather, or learning what made fellow-passengers tick.

Never did I realize that within Alaska’s grand mountain-capped walls might there lurk the likes of Palin. I’m not talking hunters and strong women. What better place to be than Alaska! I’m talking supporting a dictator, or perhaps I’m exaggerating (a bit). Power can be used or it can be abused, of which Palin clearly practices the latter.

I was disappointed to learn Alaska voted her into any office. Sometimes it takes a nation to wake up, shake up our distracted minds, of which mine is often included. But Alaska is wide awake and roaring now. Check out this post. Phew! I was worried one of my favorite states was wanting a leader so badly, following Palin down the 7% oil-covered, slippery slope of “My way or the highway” might be misinterpreted as safe. NO SUCH PASSIVITY IN ALASKA!!!