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Photo Friday: Pet

For this week’s Photo Friday challenge, we couldn’t choose any picture other than Janet’s beloved F-stop:

F-stop, Labrador, in sepia

Happy Valentines Photos: One Day of Flurry, Furry, Fun.

Join us next year!


_mg_9216.jpg _mg_9122.jpg



4th of July. Proud Democrat and her dog.

_mg_1784.jpg _mg_1801.jpg

Ellie with Martha on our porch. We were dog sitting for our good buds, Margaret & Scott Bright. Ellie loved every minute.

Last call for pets! Pet stock shoot Wednesday, June 13th!

Janet’s space for pets is booking quickly, but we do have a few spots left if you think your dog, cat, iguana or parrot have what it takes to strut their stuff for the camera. We are especially interested in exotic animals, or domestic pets with unusual features or mobility issues. Stock photos taken can be used in advertising, magazines, promotional use or for nearly any purpose…so a release must be signed by the owner before photos will be taken. Owners are welcome to participate with their pet, if they sign a model release. You will receive a CD of the images for personal use within 60 days of the shoot. Sessions are 15 minutes long and we have some spots open between 10am and 2pm – so please call the studio if you are interested!  There is no charge for Janet’s time, but we are accepting donations of $10, $20 or whatever you feel inclined to give for the ASCPA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  Thanks to Patti at PJ’s Paws and Claws in Magnolia for all her help in casting for this event!

Pet Photography. There’s no Place Like Home.

I love animals. Capturing their personalities is easily done in their natural setting; i.e., home! Dogs are the exception. Most are just as happy to be in the studio as a park, a beach, a country field… Still, for shots that are natural, best is home sweet home. If you’re having me photograph your pet, why wouldn’t you want to be in a few too?! There’s nothing like relationship photography to warm hearts.

Never a lonely moment.

A girl and her horse. There is no stronger bond.

They solved the “who first” problem well. All three can still fit on this broad beauty.

Kitty’s Country Nail Boutique!

Muddy paws on grandmas lace. I’ll still get my treat. Just watch.

Who’s more wild? Me or mom?

Those blue eyes always get me!

One Happy Family!

Pups deserve to look good too!

They WILL come back. Won’t they?

Happy Valentines Day! Surprise photos of Babe and Dogs

Sneaky, Sneaky. A thoughtful and romantic client asked for studio shots of her toddler with two energetic Labs as a sweet Valentine gift for Hubby. Momma was the baby wrangler and cheerleader and I, along with assistant, Bergen, took care of the dogs. I love wild and crazy pet-plus-kid sessions. Mom, on the other hand, may have needed a massage afterward.





Valentine Pound Puppy Lifts and Breaks my Heart.

Fstop comes home

My dog and I met on Valentines Day in 1993. Subliminally perhaps I knew it was V- Day when I entered the Seattle Animal Shelter.

It was love at first site. This scruffy 5 month-old puppy peered through the bars, following my every move. Once I looked into those big brown, intelligent, encouraging eyes, my heart thumped, and my head spun. I knew that this was the last of my visits to the shelters. Today I had found my dog, and she me. After the neutering, (hers, not mine!) we went home and spent 13+ years together, cross-country skiing, hiking, traveling, going on photo shoots (she had a pack in which she carried film and a lens or two), and going daily to the studio together.

In August ’06, Tim and I wept together as we put F-stop down. She could barely walk to relieve herself. At this moment, 6 months later, I cry huge tears for the dog who was my perfect canine companion: spunky, clever, loving, strong, calm indoors and playful outdoors.

As we tell our daughter, Ellie, F-stop is in the Earth. We can visit with her anytime, anywhere. How grateful I am that she stepped here, into my heart.

Hoar Frost, Romance, and Building Friendships at Skalitude in Methow Valley.

This morning we woke up to an enchanting Hoar Frost engulfing Methow Valley, glistening as far as we could see.

Tim and I, along with our 2.5 year old, Ellie, are here to indulge in scenic cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. We’re staying for the third time at Skalitude, a comfortably rustic cabin in Carlton. The owners are Lindsey and Will, who have 160 acres surrounded on four sides by NFS lands. They groom trails on their property, and often on the adjacent land. This is winter wonderland at its best.

Unlike the truly rustic (but also wonderfully beautiful) Rendezvous hut to hut ski system, Skalitude is barely rustic, and thoughtfully Green. The bamboo floors are heated, and all electricity is from solar panels. While the room and oven heat is from wood, Lindsey and crew take care of stocking the wood, including for the wood-burning sauna. Oooh Ahhh.

Skalitude cabin and sauna



To top off the feeling of (better-than) home, Dogs are welcome!!!


Peace Full



Today we’ll be joined by two other families we’ve been getting to know over the past year plus. We all met in Sarah Nishioka’s Music Together class. (Ellie still loves it after nearly two years!) Sarah teaches both at the PNA and Music Center of the Northwest. Both programs are great.

While initially we were terribly disappointed when both couples had to miss the first night, all happens for a reason. I sure do love my husband!

We’ll keep coming back, with or without our dogs, friends, kids, and/or snow. This is a special place.

And yes, Skalitude welcomes weddings.

Music Together Gang