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Laila and Bassam at Newcastle Golf Club

A dreamy Seattle Sunset is supposed to be the shining star at Newcastle Golf and Country club. True to form, it was at the picture perfect sunset that made our Grand Finale photograph. Equally glowing were the joyful faces participating and listing to the rhythm of drums, clapping of hands, dancing and laughter coming from the dance floor in celebration of the Taji’s and Saliba’s wonderfully Arab-inspired reception.

The chocolates were unbelievable, made by Seattle’s own Theo Chocolates

The Engagement Story, from Laila’s perspective…
Bassam had told Laila that since his brother George and his sister-in-law Cina were in town that they should all go out for a fancy lunch. “I’ll pick you up at 1pm. Be sure to dress up,” Bassam told her. (Clue #1) He picked her up at 1:30pm, which is 1pm BST (Bassam Standard Time) and casually mentioned that Cina wanted them to pick up some Theo chocolate for her. “Remember I brought her some last year when we visited in October. I am so glad she liked it.” Not remembering at all Bassam quickly responded, “Oh, right . . . yeah she loved it.” (Close call #1)

As they walked towards and into the factory Bassam wondered a loud if the owner, Deb Music was there. Deb was friends with Bassam’s friend Alma and had previously met her at a party . Laila was doubtful. “I’d love to meet her but it’s Sunday. Do you really think she’ll be here?” The factory show room was bustling and sure enough Deb was there. (Clue #2). Despite having a whole script planned, Bassam jumped to the next phase of the surprise and asked. “Do you guys do tours?” “Yes, but we’re really full,” Deb began. “But, I’d be happy to give you a private tour.” Deb grabbed some stuff for us handed them hairnets and escorted them into the factory. She gave a cursory description of the chocolate equipment before saying, “Laila, I know a place you haven’t seen before. We just opened our dinner-theater space. Let me show you.” Suddenly, Deb realized that she forgot to do something very important. “Here take these chocolates,” she said as she handed Laila a rectangular Theo chocolate box labeled with a nice brown ribbon around it. “I have to run. Go ahead and peek into that room. They are setting up in there so you can’t stay long but, I’ll be right back to come and get you.”

Bassam and Laila walk into this space that is set up in a warehouse. “Wow what a beautiful space,” Laila remarks. “Where do you think the acting happens?”, Laila pondered as she scanned the room. “I’m not sure, but let’s have some chocolate.” (Clue #3) Bassam does not have much of a sweet tooth but his desire for chocolate was not of any concern. Laila’s concern was that if they ate from this box of chocolates than they would have to go pick out and buy another box of chocolates. And why do that when they had a perfectly good box of chocolates right here. So she said, “Let’s not and just give this one to Cina.”

“Well, I want to try one” Bassam said as he undid the brown bow. Seeing that it would be impossible to return the ribbon to its original state, Laila happily conceded to eating some chocolate. She lifted the top of the box revealing the protective top layer of crinkly white paper which Bassam then removed with his other hand. Laila’s eyes, immediately went, not to the beautiful diamond ring in the center of the box, but the oh-so-precious piece of chocolate that had stuck to the white paper in Bassam’s other hand. She stuck her hand out to catch it as Bassam said, “why don’t you pick a piece of chocolate”, as he delicately shook the box. She finally turned to him and then the box where she saw the ring sitting in a rose petal amongst 11 truffles. Laila still did not realize what was happening. She stared at the ring as these thoughts ran through her head, “It’s not my birthday, Christmas is still a month away, that’s a really nice ring for just a random present . . .” Until Bassam said, “So . . .?” “So . . .?,” she replied when it suddenly clicked. And she screamed “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Vendor Details with Laila’s comments:
Venue & Catering: Golf Club at Newcastle: “Great at letting us add a few of our Middle Eastern spices and foods to help make the food unique to our families and culture.”
Florist: Aria: “John was great at utilizing a few of my crazy ideas while keeping everything sharp and beautiful. The arrangements were perfect and the purple runners really made the room!”
Favors: (organic, fair-trade chocolate-dipped-and-stuffed figs) Theo Chocolates
Cake: Creme de la Creme Cakes
Photography: Janet Klinger Photography
Ceremony Music: Seattle Strings
Reception Music: DJ Saed from Los Angeles: “He was great at mixing Arabic and English and Latin music – he even got out on the dance floor and did dabkeh (a Lebanese dance) with the guests.”
Bridal Gown: Belltown Bridal
Stationer: Paper Moxie: “Sheryl did an amazing job of creating a unique design that matched our personalities exactly. We could not have asked for a better design and received so many compliments from everyone”
Makeup: Areen Al-Attal
Video: Bogle Productions

Event Coordinators Worth Every Penny!

Tis the season of the wedding coordinator. Recently working with each, I LOVE IT when people choose to work with the best! I’ve worked with all (except the impressive Yolanda) for years.
In Seattle, the extremely experienced, save-the-day impressive Merry Beth Turpin of Aisle of View,
At your complete service, more than you expected, fun to be with, Janel Schlitt of Occasions LLC
The soft spoken yet makes-it-happen, adorable Melissa Parker of Amazing Events
Near Bellingham, Intuitive, spectacular details adorning, subtle, Anne Rasmussen-True Bliss Events, LLC and
Ms accommodating, last-second changes are no problem, it’s your day, Yolanda Haley from Dallas Texas-

Wild or Wonderful Wedding – Hair and Makeup Artist

Part 1. Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist
For any bride, her wedding day look is obviously a high priority, and it has an enormous effect on her overall mood, not to mention the heirloom photography collection.
What’s a bride to do?
Hire an experienced, talented makeup artist who is specifically experienced with wedding hair and makeup and be sure to mention the photography start time, aiming for the bride to be completely styled an hour before show-time. Getting dressed takes longer than you think (and so do makeup artists, who rightfully so want you to look your stunning best). Your part is to allow them the time needed for this enjoyable service.
An experienced artist knows to respect the schedule you have already created for your special day, including to begin with the Bride, then her maid of honor, then mom so everyone is ready for photos before being needed. Your experienced artist already knows how to create looks that last all day, so a couple of hours difference shouldn’t matter one bit, except to your calm peace of mind.
Hiring an artist with little WEDDING experience.

Bridal portrait, hair by Tiara Whitney of Tiara's on Location, shot at Pravda Studios, dress by Luly Yang Couture.

Hair and Make-up by Tiara's on Location. Dress by Luly Yang Couture.

If reception touch ups are needed, ask how long this typically takes. If a second outfit and style-change is pre-planned, it works beautifully. I have never seen a reception freshen-up take more than a few minutes. I have, however, witnesses a very experienced “fashion-shoot” artist take a bride away from her wedding for a full 30 minutes, leaving guests murmuring, a confused coordinator, and a special guest artist perform only for the groom. How bad could her makeup have been?! Some artists have shined year after beautiful year. Tiara Whitney of Tiara’s on location is a favorite hair and makeup artist who works intuitively, efficiently, with humor and has a way with “getting the look” a variety of clients dream of. Tiara knows her stuff! I’ve worked with Tiara for years, both on wedding and fashion sessions and am always, every single time, impressed with her professionalism and artistry.

Experienced artists understand that a wedding day schedule has an enormous effect on how a bride and groom experience the day, however good they might look. And stress looks good on no one! Not only does running over-time have a direct impact on the number of opportunities a wedding party and photographer can enjoy together, but it causes undo stress on the party and anxiety for the coordinator who is urging other vendors to make up for lost time. Ever heard of the domino effect? And personally, I would prefer not to take responsibility in the public-eye for an artist running over time nor for being solely burdened to “getting to the church on time”. Hey, we all have our pride! :-) I want to look good too. Running behind making ME look inconsiderate, urging timeliness rather than creatively instigating the pre-ceremony, fabulous photography experience you and your party deserve.

Janet Klinger’s Asuka Album of the Week!

We are so pleased to be awarded Asuka Album of the Week for the gorgeous event hosted by Monica Khurana and Vik Duggal. Check it out, and this is only the mini album! If you want your event to look this good, choose Janel Schlitt of Occasions LLC as Monica and Vik did.
For more images, keep your eyes out for the winter Bridal magazines. (No I can’t tell which one! Not yet anyway.)

Vic and Monica bring India to Bellevue Washington

Vic and Monica bring India to Bellevue Washington

See the album here!

New York Couple Captures the Iconic Northwest

Karlee and Paul wanted wedding photography clearly depicting that “our wedding location is Seattle, Washington”. We considered the modern downtown library by Rem Koolhaas, and a fabulous rooftop view from Sodo, Pioneer Square. Ultimately “the classics” represented these two best. We began our pre-wedding urban excursion at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, then rode in a classic British Bentley to the Olympic Sculpture Park, and finally arriving at the adorable, lodge-like Edgewater Hotel. (No they didn’t fish from their room!)

We had so much fun (and accomplished so much for the families and wedding party) during this pre-wedding playful session that during the rest of the day we were able to capture the natural flow of events. I much prefer working this way. No one enjoys hurrying through photographs during the reception. Besides, the candid moments during the cocktail hour are often when the light is most beautiful. Karlee and Paul wanted images that illustrated their love for each other and family. Sometimes other flows work better, so plans are customized from couple to couple, event to event. Planning is Teamwork. Teamwork. Teamwork. Thanks to Karlee and Paul for the great experience, and for your creative exploration of the possibilities.

Venue: The Edgewater Hotel
Florist: Sue Staple, Amaryllis (425) 339-6008
Dress & Veil: La Belle Elaines Bridal
Hair & Make-up: Salon Mason, (253) 984-0667
Men’s Attire: The Tux Shop

Miko and Lance add a Splash to Colorful Novelty Hill Januik Winery Wedding

Novelty Hill Januik Winery was the perfect setting for Miko and Lance’s wedding. A mix of elegance, modernism, and color in both the venue and the menu. I would recommend this wedding location as one of my top picks for nearly anyone. The setting can be changed dramatically by chosen details. From casual to elegant, low key reception to ruckus dance party. It’s possible those who seek formal and/or classic will prefer the gorgeous Fairmont Olympic Hotel.

Otherwise, I love this dramatic location with it’s inside/outside flexibility, access to a large dressing suite with huge windows for natural light, enormous doorways, contemporary architecture (which my architect husband has me fully appreciating), geographic landscaping, colorful fixtures… Go see it yourself and enjoy a picnic on the grounds or take a bottle or a few cases of local wine home with you. Cheers.

If you are curious, here are some of Miko and Lance’s highly regarded vendors. True to their thoughtful natures, the quotes reflect thoughts they wanted to share.
Janet Klinger Photography (in case you were wondering!)
Dress: Luly Yang Couture (“Ashley is a great, great help”)
Coordinator: Emily Pollock from Novelty Hill Januik. (“She was Awesome!”)
Location: Novelty Hill Januik “Thrilled”
Hair Stylist: Monroe at Gene Juarez downtown Seattle (“She is phenomenal when it comes to updos”)
Aravinda- Eco Florist 206-853-3425
Officiant: Amy Epp from Seattle Mennonite Church
Ceremony Music: The Seattle Style Strings 206-621-8394
Accommodations: Willows Lodge (Granted, you don’t SEE shots here, but I personally enjoy the feel of this lodge.)

Best of Western Washington and Urban Unveiled

Voting has started for King 5 Evening Magazine’s “Best of Western Washington”. Why not help let everyone know YOUR choice of the best Wedding Vendors. Naturally we would be HONORED to have your vote! It only takes a minute to vote! (more…)

Dancing in the Streets at the Westin Bellevue, or was that New Delhi?

Monica Khurana and Vikrant Duggal put on a 4th of July extravaganza. Not only was theirs an above average wedding, it soars above even my (formerly) favorite Indian weddings, many of which are lush and exotic.
No white or blue to be found, but red was present in a thousand folds. Gold folds too. Between the attire and the draping, this lush event was one of my favorites to date. “Honored to be a part” feels trite. I was blown away. Above all, Monica and Vikrant handled this multiple-ceremony celebration with elegance and grace (and stamina too).

Behind every great event is a great team. Naturally Monica’s wisdom lead her to Janel of Occasions LLC- a fabulous event planner. She took care of hundreds of details on the day-of. Even before that, Janel and Monica were often seen attached at the hip pre-planning this event. Janel makes herself available, from her core being. The fact that she cares so much comes shining through. I’ve raved about Janel again and again, and after each event we participate in I only have more to rave about. Monica and Vikrant chose to commend her during their reception thank yous. “Our friend” came affectionately from their lips describing the culmination of their journey together.

Everyone of the vendors were carefully chosen to fit this grand day. If you care to, see the list below their sneek-preview images.





Thanks to Janel Schlitt for providing this list of choice A vendors, and for introducing me to Monica and Vikrant.
To see the list (more…)

Melissa & Richard married at Tillicum Village

Melissa Petersson and Richard Rinehart had a gorgeous ceremony at Blake Island’s Tillicum Village. This truly unique wedding embraced numerous cultures, most obviously Native American. From totem poles, to eagle feathers collected by Melissa and carried by the flowergirl, each moment presented something new to photograph.

The festivities began early morning with an hour long Argosy Cruise, and ended late night on another cruise rocked by the ceremonial beat of native drum, dance and song. What an honor and privledge to be apart of this cross-cultural, cross-generational and cross-the-water spectacular wedding.

Congratulations Melissa and Richard. May your life remain as colorful as your wedding day.

Bride with fuschia flower and feather bouquet

Tillicum Village Wedding Flowergirl

Native American Wedding with Groom at Longhouse

Grandparent portraits at Blake Island wedding

Kiss and Wedding Party at Tillicum Village wedding

Groom's Party and cigars (Tillicum Village wedding)

Vendor List:

Natasha & Orville at St. James Cathedral

These two beautiful people light up the earth with their smiles! Here are a few spreads from their wedding album.
Thanks you two for choosing me as your photographer. Such a fun event! See you soon.