PUG Offers Community. Coordinators Offer Champagne

Last night was our monthly wild and crazy PUG meeting. Non-members are welcome to try out these meetings held the 3rd Thurs of the month. We had several new folks last night. I’d love to list all of them, but my social butterfly wings weren’t fluttering fast enough to get to everyone. I spent most of my time talking with Jeff LaPlante, Michael Good, Jack Young, Linda Paquin, and some “newbies” to the group, Joanne Arruda, Brook Dormaier and Jeremy Leffel.

The Bridal Consultant, Barbara Guyll, offered her insights into working with the ever-important wedding coordinator. She has a generous, warm nature, and a deep interest in our group’s point of view. I can easily imagine how helpful she is to her clients. Personally, I LOVE working with coordinators. Among many other things, this means I don’t have to be sure boutonnières are donned, the champagne poured, the cake spatula in the correct location and other odds and ends that I usually take care of. Coordinators allow me to be 100% photographer. NICE!

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