Wedding Party PAAAAAR-TAY!!!

Family is often fabulous, loving and helpful when planning your wedding. Still, when it comes to setting the tone of your Big Day, your wedding party matters! If you want a wild and crazy dance party, avoid inviting only your shy friends to be maids. If you want “class”, having your scantily clad cousin as your maid of honor, while exciting, might alter the desired effect. Is it a family affair? Including all 12 nieces and nephews is an endearing way to be all inclusive, and adds just the right amount of chaos to inspire any photographer.
From THIS photographer’s perspective, the more the merrier in your wedding party. Having said this, I only had my best friend of thirty years stand up with me. But I’m not talking about MY OWN personal preference for intimate, cozy family and closest friend gatherings. I’m talking about what makes for entertaining, energetic moment photographs. Those lovely intimate, cozy shots are for another post…
Several photos below were featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, and Seattle Bride Magazine.

Groomsmen Selfportrait at Inn at the Market
Groomsmen self portrait in the lovely courtyard between the elegant yet cozy Inn at the Market and the superb Cafe Campagne

Beautiful bride with gusty winds, oh and groomsmen, at Snoqualamie Ridge Golf Club
Bride’s veil caught in gusty winds at one of my favorite locations, Snoqualamie Ridge Golf Club.

Bridal Party before the W Hotel reception
Bride and maids encourage flower girl before going to the chic and urban W Hotel

Flower girl near Salish Lodge
Flower girl near scenic Salish Lodge

Hindu Wedding Party on a fire engine
Unable to turn off the shrieking fire alarm this energetic Hindu wedding party was thrilled to ride the fire trucks. I love Nat and Mamatha’s go-with-the-flow attitude. These two are fabulous to work with. Such a colorful, eventful wedding!

Flowers by Athena Flora
Athena Flora created these stunning flower girl bouquets. Taken moments before departing for St Demetrios Greek Othodox Church

Luly Yang bridal gown, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses
With a stunning Luly Yang gown and Dolce & Gabbana accessories, this wedding was filled with style!

Lopez Island Wedding, Groom and Flowergirl
Moments before walking down the isle, the Groom and flower girl share a moment. Long lenses are wonderful!

Wedding Party at Snoqualamie Ridge Golf Club
Even a posed shot of this wedding party shows their boundless energy. Snoqulamie Ridge Golf Club, once again, was a mighty scenic setting for this high-styled wedding.

Groomsmen smoke cigars at Snoqualamie Ridge Golf Club
Snoqualamie Ridge provides the perfect backdrop for these cigar endulging groomsmen.

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