When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

The record for number of unrestrained (Naked baby) pees in my studio is 8 times during an hour session (though we may have gone over a bit given all the cleanup). I expect pee. I thought you might want to be prepared too.

Pee Happens.

Pee Happens

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  • Marieke - The one time Alma peed on my feet, I was slightly distraught and kept looking down saying “You peed on my socks. You peed on my socks.” She started to cry. Hopefully this person handled it more elegantly, because pee does happen.ReplyCancel

  • JanetKlinger - Your response is probably more typical. It’s amazing how much stress new moms are under. I know some handle things much more elegantly than I do. I’m beginning to think they are the exception. I’d love to hear from these fab moms to hear a secret or two.

  • Susie Hamidi - Janet, I find myself at your blog every other day it seems! I love it. And, just love what you capture of moms, babes and families! Truly beautiful. It is NOT easy to photograph these wonderful subjects. It’s a gift!


  • JanetKlinger - Susie, Thank you for your encouragement on the blog. I so appreciate it!
    By the way, that gift you mentioned, You’ve got it!ReplyCancel