Luly Yang Couture

The selection of dresses, gowns and accessories displayed at Luly Yang’s 4th Ave studio is what dreams are made of. Darcy Camden and I were tickled to enjoy this fashion dreamland while selecting dresses for Fashion In Fusion. Luly runs her business with the utmost care and attention to detail, and given that we were treated like queens, just imagine how YOU will be treated!


Remember this name, as if you haven’t already!


These are a few of the Luly Yang dresses we are considering. This is an inventory shot only with the lens and flash on hand, but you can still get a sense of how glorious these designs are. Just wait until they are well lite and on a gorgeous Bride!


Details make the difference, but nothing matters more than having a master designer!


I am guilty of not knowing Luly’s full scope until now. This is a complete salon with jewelry, shoes, wraps, veils, and party dresses. Remember, these shots were taken without the benefit of good lighting. There’s nothing like seeing them in person. — Well, perhaps in the upcoming fashion spreads…


Darcy envisioning which of our brides or models might wear this particular gown in which of our urban settings.

The sessions are coming up May 22 and 23. We’ll post some images within the following week. Stay tuned.

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