Rosh Sillars on Social Media. Well worth the Time and Money

Rosh Sillars breaks down the basics of social media networking and builds from there. As an experienced teacher and a photographer himself he knows the field and how to inspire action. I learned of his talents during the free Joystart your Year webinar series inspired by business guru Sarah Petty. This is a top notch influential series inspiring new ways to spread the love of the photography business, coddle a wonderful client base, and stoke the fire of inspiration.

Rosh Sillars is an invaluable mentor and SEO expert

Rosh Sillars is an invaluable mentor and SEO expert

Rosh Sillars is inspiring to say the least. He makes the Social Media process sound as easy as sending a formatted email, yet he makes it brilliantly clear SM is imperative in today’s business world– it’s worth all the time investment possible, so put it on the calendar. Did I mention putting on the calendar the creation and following of social media as part of your weekly networking?

Take care of your current and future clients by letting them know more about you and your offerings. Seems like old news, but Rosh updates networking methods in an easy to digest form encouraging all to keep up with today’s style of using multiple methods of personal connection. I appreciate his “I will help others” attitude.

While today’s webinar was free and a one time gig, Rosh does sell his beginning and intermediate/ advanced concepts on the Joy of Marketing site. The Joy of Marketing’s Joystart your Year series generously saves me time and money maintaining my public presence.

The series is specific to the photography industry yet I can imagine many segments being helpful to multiple fields, especially those visually focused.

CALL TO ACTION! There is but one more Wednesday to go. JOM is continuing the free, amazing seminars with speakers Jules Bianchi on Weddings, Erin Vorbeck on SEO, and Sarah Petty herself on Branding.
It’s on my calendar!
The times are Central Standard Time. Because I inadvertently missed a few of my favorite speakers including Seattle’s own Bruce and Josh Hudson.

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