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Working Out Daily at 90 and Loving Every Minute

Susan Cotter kicks butt, safely. Jogging and scootering at 90? Dad is working out with Susan Cotter of StrengthView full post »

Second Grader suddenly loads dishwasher, and other wonders of aging

My 2nd grader Ellie looks so OLD, so wise. She’s cooperating beautifully, helping me test my lighting beforeView full post »

Community Focus Starts at School

Meridian School Moms get together over hors d’oeuvres and wine.View full post »

The Meridian School- Is this the School for You Too?

Seattle private grade schools include numerous excellent choices- Meridian School tops the list.View full post »

Robert (Bob) Rohleder Swims with the Big Fish

Timothy Rohleder may have talent, but you should check out his father, Bob Rohleder. Carving fish from wood, hisView full post »

Celebrating 4th of July with face painting.

Wishing everyone, worldwide, a happy 4th of July, and a special encouragement to those who today continue to seekView full post »

The AIA recognizes my hubby, Tim Rohleder, and crew

Rohleder Borges Architecture stood tall beside Seattle Architectural “mega firms”. Honored to be includedView full post »

Alfred Klinger: WWII Vet, Peace Activist and Avid Biker

Alfred Klinger returned to the place where he’d lost his army friends. This time, he was 78 years old, andView full post »

For Your Extraordinary Life!

Before meeting my daughter Ellie in 2004, my photo studio’s motto was “Elegant Weddings, DistinctiveView full post »