The Phinney Farmers Market Feeds Me Inside and Out


Finally. It opened tonight!!! Like a child I’ve been awaiting the opening of the new Phinney Farmers Market, hosted in the parking lot of the PNA at 66th and Phinney Ave N. We bought a radio flyer red wagon on Craigslist, allegedly for Ellie’s 3rd birthday, but let’s face it. I’ve always wanted one, and so has Tim. Carrying Market goods and a 3 year old– perfect excuse! I changed my babysitting coverage for Friday so Ellie and I could shop and then meet Tim for a tasty dinner.

The produce was largely organic, all local, and freshly picked. The cheese was easily sampled, expensive but worth it. The breads and baked goods were fresh, organic, wholesome AND tasty. The crepes were to die for. (Oh, to have nine lives…) The thin crust pizza’s were cooked in brick ovens and filled the Market with intense aromas.
The best part was the community camaraderie. I saw so many enjoyable people, both known and new to me. Clients, neighbors, former pre-school parents and kids, future pre-school parents, and friendly people I shared a table with over dinner, coming in waves. I felt like I was enjoying a giant neighborhood party. I can say, knowing it will incorrectly sound like an exaggeration, that I was touched to my inner-being. This is exactly the “center” I’ve been craving for. Best of all, I only rarely work on Fridays, so I plan to make this a weekly event.


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