Pressey/Forsett Wedding Sets the House on Fire

Used to teamwork, Angie Pressey & Justin Forsett became the star players in a game more important than the national championships- their wedding ceremony and now, marriage. The ceremony, held at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas, filled the sanctuary with jubilant energy which I could feel deep-down to the core — and I clearly wasn’t the only one.
In a sacred, surprising ceremony, two talented souls shared laughter, God and tears. OK, maybe no tears for JUSTIN!– Psst, Justin, if you want to admit it or deny it just leave a comment :-). Sneaky Justin completely surprised Angie when her favorite singer, Avant, showed up to sing during the emotional ceremony, then again when Avant performed several encores during the reception stoking the house-on-fire! With so much celebrating, it’s a good thing the Omni Park West Hotel had a huge dance floor, made all the more spectacular by enhancements from AVT Event Technologies. Yolanda Haley coordinated this high energy event, putting together a fabulous team.
Thank you, Angie and Justin, for making the inquiries that allowed me to join you in Dallas. I feel completely honored to have photographed your portrait session and your wedding celebration. On top of that, I couldn’t have had a better time. You make it easy to love my job!

Surprise, surprise. Justin arranged for Avant to grace his union with Angie. Clearly she was hugely surprised and Justin received his well-earned look of love and gratitude from Angie as she realized Avant was indeed singing, in flesh and blood.

See reception photos, including more of musician Avant

The Pressey’s and the Forsett’s know how to make a grand entrance!

Avant made a cameo at Angie and Justin’s wedding ceremony. During the reception his musical presence was even more intensely felt. This already moving dance party went crazy when Avant performed.

Even Angie’s bridesmaid in her last months of pregnancy shimmied down to the floor (and up again!!!) to the roar of hoots and applause.

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  • Alexia Godley your cousin - Congrats on your wedding you are so beautiful and remember god comes 1st and hope to see you in 2011 reunion much love – lexiReplyCancel

  • Kathy Marshall your aunt says: - Congrats on a beautiful day and moment in time. Remember to keep your hand in God’s and his word upon your heart and everything will be alright.

    Go SeahawksReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Lee your cousin - God bless you and Justin. It was a beautiful day.ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Brooks - I was so happy to be a part of this great celebration. From leaving San Antonio late to getting lost in Dallas, I would do it all over again for something as special as this. The evidence of relationship with Christ and God being the foundation of this marriage gives hope to marriage. I am more than happy for the both of you. May God continue to poor his blessings on you. I look forward to the baby Forsetts running around. I love you guys.

    Ephesians 3:20

    Cousin KimReplyCancel

  • Renea Ervine - Congratulations! Continue to keep God in front and everything else will follow and work out fine. We love you both!ReplyCancel

  • Julius Ervine- cousin - Congrats! God Bless and keep you both safe.ReplyCancel

  • Bo Ervine- uncle - Congratulations on your wedding, it was a beautiful day and I hope the rest of your days together are just as beautiful. PEACE- uncle BoReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Gardner - I was soo fortunate to be able to be a bridesmaid in a wedding that spectacular! The wedding weekend was full of love, fun, laughter, family, and blessings!
    Blessings on all who reverence, trust and obey the lord. Their reward will be prosperity and happiness.
    Psalms 128:1-2ReplyCancel

  • Venecia Forsett - This was truly the wedding of the century from start to finish. The love of all was in the air as it flowed throughout our stay in Texas. Hats off to the behind the scene coordinator. You showed out! The lovely bride and handsome groom are a match that only God could have united together. May God always bless your marriage with Peace, Harmonious Communication and the Love that you felt on your wedding day. Love You, Auntie NeciaReplyCancel

  • Charlotte Duffey-Aunt - Angie, your wedding was as beautful as you were on your special day! I pray the favor of the Lord to cover you and your family forever! Justin always remember “The man who finds a wife finds a treassure, and he receives favor from the Lord”

    Uncle Fly and Aun’t CharlotteReplyCancel

  • Tosha Jackson- Cousin - Angie, you were so beautiful and so was your wedding! Justin I am happy to have you as a part of our family! May God bless your marriage forever!

    Bryan,Tosha JacksonReplyCancel

  • Barbara Brown- Aun't - Your wedding left me speechless! May God continue to bless you on your journey!

    William and Barbara BrownReplyCancel

  • Norma William - Granny Jack says: - What a beautiful day that was laid up on my eyes and heart, I will forever remember this moment when I gain another grandson, Angie and Justin keep your foundation fed on God’s words and the sky will be the limit. Love Granny Jack = Phil 4:13ReplyCancel

  • Oscar Marshall - What a beautiful and emotional ceremony. We did not lose a daughter, we actually gained a son. May God continue to bless each of you.

    Uncle OscarReplyCancel

  • Aunt Lisa - You have begin your new life of happiness but to have your forever is daily work. May God Bless you all in a special way and your day was simply beautiful. Love you both ,Aunt LisaReplyCancel

  • Alaeja - This was a truly amazing and beautiful wedding. I had a good time and congrats to the both of youReplyCancel

  • Uncle Rick - I had a blessed time at your wedding. My prays are that god blesses many years to come.ReplyCancel


  • Mike Brooks - May God continue to bless you both and increase your prosperity in Him and each other. You’ve started a class called marriage. It’s a very difficult class of learning one another and blending together with God. Not many make it because they leave out God from the mix. I see a great deal of blessing for you two through God. Keep the faith and hold on to his hand. Even I. The toughest of tomes remember to seek God’s face and set your pride aside. I love you both.

    Cousin MikeReplyCancel

  • Camille Regge - I am so glad that we were able to share with you in this special day. Thank you for including us and thank you for letting Isaiah participate in the ceremony.ReplyCancel

  • Jeffrey Regge - Psalms 105:1-4…..Wow…what a blessing to be apart of what God is doing in your lives. The wedding was amazing, an example of God’s plan of love and marriage. What is more amazing is your relationships with God. It is THAT relationship that will always sustain you in all things and always remind you of this special day and your special love. I am honored to call you family and excited to watch you all grow. Always lean on God. Welcome to the family Mr. Forsett….ReplyCancel

  • Eric Ruff - Hey cuz Justin, looks like you had a fun and exciting wedding. You looked great man and you have a bueatiful wife. I wish you all the best of luck! Great pictures also. Wish I could have been there like Penny.ReplyCancel

  • Liz Pressey - i am soooooooooooooo proud of you and really feel blessed and honored to have mothered a wonderful, talented daughter like you. Continue to keep Christ first in your life. Once again love you sooooo much.

  • Annie Hooper - Congratulations on your very special day. Continue to keep God in your marriage. It was a very beautiful wedding. Remember God loves you and so do I.
    Aunt Annie Bell HooperReplyCancel


  • Elaine & Daniel Willis - Dear Angie & Justin;
    Our hearts were with you on your special day. Everything was just gorgeous, Wishing you all the happiness that God has in store for you both. With God at the head of your lives your lives are already blessed.
    Many Happy DaysReplyCancel

  • Vera Hooper- Aunt - Congrats guys!!! It was a nice wedding.. Angie you were sooo PRETTY… I wish you all the best in your marriage –Keep God first and you will be very blessed…. Thanks for allowing Ma’Ryah to be a part of this day ! Justin welcome to the family!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Booty Brown - Thanks for an unforgetable day. Keep smiling.
    Love Ya,
    Uncle BootyReplyCancel

  • Tamika Whitfield - Angie and Justin….
    Congrats on yalls marriage. I am so thankful that I was apart of yalls big day. Remember to keep god first and never go to bad mad at either because tomorrow is not promised.ReplyCancel

  • Quentin Whitfield - The pictures of your wedding look very nice, I wish I could have been there to experience yalls joy.

    To fix my wife’s comment she was trying to type: Remember to keep God first and never go to bed mad at each other because tomorrow is not promised.


  • Alice Ervine - Angie you were so beautiful!!! I am so proud of you and love you, now Justin, as if you were more than “just a niece”. I loved your vows to each other. Everyone could feel the presence of your love for each other and we could feel the love you both have for the Lord. I pray for nothing but the best for you and Justin forever.

    Love, Always Aunt Alice (AAA)ReplyCancel

  • jackie gardner - Jacqueline Gardner your aunt say ; Congrats on your wedding day. Remember to keep god first and everything will be alright.Keep Smile Love you Angie and Justin Uncle Ed/Aunt JackieReplyCancel

  • Cousin MaRyah Key - Angie your wedding, especially the dress, was beautiful. I loved the pretty dresses and all the decorations. I had a great time. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day.

    Love, J1ReplyCancel

  • Granny Kat - Angie everything was just as beautiful as you are. I sure did enjoy the wedding. Thanks for making me a proud grandmother.

    Love, Granny KatReplyCancel

  • Tama Miyashiro - These pictures are amazing! Angie you were gorgeous on your big day. Im mad we were all playing volleyball in Tijuana when this happened. So happy for you two!

  • Pomaikai - great great pictures! wish i could’ve been there for this amazing celebration. i am so excited for your future together! love-T2ReplyCancel

  • Brook Turner - Amazing Pictures! I’m so Bless to have been a part of the Pressey Forsett Union. I love you both and wish you nothing but the best!


  • Mary Hill (cousin/aun't - Congrats !! Angie & Justin May God Continue Blessing You.

    Luv Always

    Go Seahawks!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Stalls - One word: STUNNING! My three fave photos might be the one of you, Ang, in your dress in front of the window, the one of the man raising his hand in praise to God during the ceremony (whoop!!), and the one of you two love-birds kissing in what looked like a photo booth… dang, girl. I just love what God has done with you two so far…. Congrats, my friend.ReplyCancel

  • Tamari Ann - Angie and Justin-congratulations! looks like a beautiful wedding. i wish you a wonderful marriage!- your roomieReplyCancel

  • Julie - Such a beautiful wedding and bride!!! Blessings to you and Justin as you begin your lives together!ReplyCancel

  • ShaRita Lee (Family Friend) - Angie thanks for allowing me to be apart of such a beautiful occassion. Your wedding was one I will never forget, everything was amazing. I wish you and Justin nothing but the best. Congratulations and may God shower you both with blessings!!!

    Joshua 24:15ReplyCancel

  • Pao - Dear Hello! Ha. The pictures are absolutely amazing! So sad I missed out on the ceremony but glad I get to hang out with you in the long run. Wishing you and Justin a ‘happily ever after’ and I’ll see you in Vegas. Xoxoxo
    Pao πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Erica "Gypsy Love" Gardner - When there is love in marriage there is harmony in the home; when there is harmony in the home; there is harmony in the community; when there is contentment in the community there is prosperity in the nation; when there is prosperity in the nation there is peace in the world. ~Chines Proverb~

    I had such a wonderful time at the wedding celebration on Juneteenth. It was a day that we will all remember. We came together to celebrate a union that has truly been blessed by God and I wish you both the best. The future is bright and angels are smiling down on your love!ReplyCancel

  • Olivia Titus - Best wishes Angie. The wedding was amazing and beautiful. May the Lord bless you and keep you bothReplyCancel

  • Reginald Titus - Congratulations Angie and Justin. Best of luck.ReplyCancel

  • kristin richards - THESE PICS ARE AMAZING, press you’re gorgeous.

    one word: vegas.

    xoxox congrats again to you both!ReplyCancel

  • Randy Willis - Congratulations to you both! The pictures are great. I wish you and Justin the best!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie Farrar - WOW!!!!!!!!!Angie & Justin:
    All turned out wounderful.All the hard work definately paid off. Your very special and we are proud of both of you. May God Bless You and Yours.
    Love ya,Debbie FarrarReplyCancel

  • Lawson Farrar - Angie: Really enjoyed ya’ll weddings and to get finally meet Justin. We are new Seahawks Fans. Take care & God Bless


  • Angie Forsett - Thank you to all my family and friends for sharing our special day. Our wedding could not have been as successful as it was without the support from all of you. Love you guys!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Pressey - I am so proud of my little sister. Your wedding was beautiful and I am so happy to have gained another brother. Love you.ReplyCancel

  • Tanniah Jones - Aunt Angie I really enjoyed the dance party! I loved being with all of my cousins and I had a lot of fun. Make sure you treat my new uncle right! Love you.ReplyCancel

  • Mack Lee - Congrats Angie and Justin. I had a great time at the wedding and your photos are beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your special day.ReplyCancel

  • Kandi Bonty - These photos are great…. although I was there, and I took photos it was nice to see those, especially the hidden scenes we didnt get to see. I love you both!ReplyCancel

  • Justin Forsett - Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our wedding, you truly made it a day to remember. Janet you did an amazing job despite the heat!!!ReplyCancel

  • Matt pressey - Congrats sis I am so happy for you i wish u and justin a happy lifeReplyCancel

  • Javon Forsett - Congratulations to Justin and Angie. The wedding was great and I am so proud to say that I have a sister. Love you both and God Bless.ReplyCancel

  • Liz Pressey - I guess I could not get enough of these pics!! Angie you looked beautiful and Justin I am happy to have another son. Janet what a wonderful job you did on these pictures, I just can’t stop looking at them.ReplyCancel

  • Phil Pressey - Congrats on everything I Still can’t believe your married. But I know your in good hands and I’m glad to have justin as my new brotherReplyCancel

  • Abby Forsett - Justin and Angie your wedding was gorgeous. I am so happy to finally have a daughter in our family. Remember to keep God first in your life and continue to honor him in everything that you do. Love you guys.ReplyCancel

  • Foluke Akinradewo - Hey Pip! Your pictures are beautiful and I am so mad that I could not be there with you guys. I hope you and Bieber have a wonderful and long lasting marriage!!ReplyCancel

  • alisa matthew - Enjoyed every minute of your wedding. love ya cuz.ReplyCancel

  • Katasha Hardin - Congrats Angie and Justin, I wish you both all the best.
    The wedding was a beautiful event and I am happy that I could share that moment with the both of you.

    <3 Tasha & KylanReplyCancel

  • Courtney Thompson - Press!! I would have loved to be at your wedding but these pictures are a nice substitute. You look amazing! I know that you will be in good hands with Justin. Congrats to the both of you!ReplyCancel

  • Sabrina Lee your cousin - Congrats Angie and Justin, your wedding was beutiful . i am so happy for you and justin. Love YouReplyCancel

  • Leann C. - Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Forsett!!! The wedding was so beautiful and I am honored to have spent the day with you two becoming one. Love you both :)—LeannReplyCancel

  • Camille Regge - I pray that every time you guys look at these photos you remember just how you felt at the moment and the reason you said “I will”.ReplyCancel

  • Francesca Weems - I am honored to have been able to witness such an amazing union between two people God made for each other. I love you guys!ReplyCancel

  • Eleanor Williams - Justin,
    You have a beautiful wife. I hope I get a chance to meet my new cousin soon. I wish you bothe the best that life has to offer.

    I Love You
    Your Cousin

  • Jerome - Angie and Justin,

    The wedding was amazing. Congrats again to both of you and continue to let God guide your path.


  • Cammy - Congratulations. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I had a wonderful time at the wedding! May God continue to bless you both. -CammyReplyCancel

  • Dametria - Awwwwwwwww Angie I am so happy and proud of u. I wish u the best of luck and happiness. These are some beautiful pics. Luv Ya!!!ReplyCancel

  • John Allen Gibson - Justin and Angie, so sorry I could not attend, but viewing the pics. was just like being there. God bless U all as U begin this chapter of your life together.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Pressey - Angie & Justin,

    I am so happy for you two. Just remember to always keep God first in everything you do. Thank you for let me and Uncle Bob be apart of your wedding celebration. Love the pic

    Luv you
    Aunt Linda PReplyCancel

  • Kim Powell - Angie & Justin,

    Congratulations! We wish you a Blessed and Bountiful life together!

    Kim, Cincy & Faye Powell and Trevor FullerReplyCancel

  • Teshia Stephens - Words can not express how happy I am for the both of you! Thank you for letting me be apart of that extradionary day and helping behind the scenes. Although there was some long nights I wanted to start crying b/c I was so tired but it was all worth it, Lol! Angie, I am so proud of the young lady that you have become and I know Justin is very grateful for that. Justin, you know I got you when you come to town….Silva (my car) is always ready. Love you bothReplyCancel

  • Rob @ My House, check me out. - Wow! Massive wedding party! Super cute with the wagon. Good photos πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Marshawn Lynch sent to Seattle, reunited with Justin Forsett | Ramblings of the Unmotivated - […] photo via Janet Klinger Photography and is far less entertaining. This entry was posted in Ramblings Of The Unmotivated, Sports. […] ReplyCancel

  • BearInsider Loves Justin - Hey, just dropping by to give a hoot to one of the best CAL BEARS of ALL-TIME!!!! Congrats on the wedding….looked like a serious shindig. GO MR & MRS JUSTIN FORSETT!!!!

    GO BEARS!!!!!!! and seahawks…ReplyCancel

  • Cathy Williams - Hi Angie, your Wedding Day was amazing, I wish I was there to enjoy this day with the family. Wishing you and Justin and best as husband and wife. Again, Congratulations on your beautiful wedding.

    Love, Cat

    P.S. Tanniah looked too cute as your flower girl.ReplyCancel

  • Jay Studio Photography - wow. beautiful wedding. and such a GRAND bridal party! thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Nikki Greene - I don’t know either of you personally, but you have to rejoice in the love that the two of you share. I pray that God continues to be the tie that binds the love between the two of you. Continue to pursue your goals and love and life. Congratulations! Your wedding was beautifully amazing. Best wishes for the years to come! Enjoy!ReplyCancel

  • keisha mullins - I don’t you guys, but you had a beautiful wedding. It was warm, full of love, and I felt like I was a part of it! Best of Luck on your Union….ReplyCancel

  • Emily Jordan - I do not even know you but a year later the music video was so sweet so I did a search and came up with all these photos!! What a lovely wedding! What a testimony to the Lord, both the wedding and the one year anniversary music video. I will pray the Lord continues to bless you both and that you stay ever so close to Him. God bless from NC!!ReplyCancel

  • Lindy Brown - I was inspired to email you to let you know that I too listened to your song to your wife and thought that it was the Best thing ever.

    May God continue to Bless and keep you both in peace and harmony………

    The pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!ReplyCancel

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