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Pressey/Forsett Wedding Sets the House on Fire

Two stars appear in Janet Klinger’s photographs of beautiful Angie Pressey, professional volleyball player, whoView full post »

Photographing Sizzling Las Vegas Wedding at the Green Valley Resort and Spa

A formula for wedding photography disaster? Men in black tuxes, women in long dresses, outside on a 107 degree day? NotView full post »

Desination Travel Photography Specials.

Upcoming Travel & Local Specials are now listed on the “Travel & Local Specials” section of theView full post »

Las Vegas Engagement

I’m not sure who had more fun at this 3 hour Las Vegas engagement session: the wild-about-you couple, or theView full post »

Wedding at Alderbrook Resort: Coffee Table Album, a tiny view

Here are a few samples of the Gehrke’s Coffee Table Album. They had glorious weather for their elegant yetView full post »

Hood Canal Frolic. Thank Goodness for Rubber Boots

Admittedly, I like indulging in pampering as much as the next person, like going to the spa at Alderbrook Resort. ButView full post »

Hoar Frost, Romance, and Building Friendships at Skalitude in Methow Valley.

This morning we woke up to an enchanting Hoar Frost engulfing Methow Valley, glistening as far as we could see. Tim andView full post »